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Making Sparks Fly with a Kiss

Last night I had the most amazing dream that took me back to my teenage years. I re-experienced my first kiss – it was mind-blowing. The first kiss that gave me the sense of such deep connection with my boyfriend that I did not know where my body ended and his began. We were in a car on a moonlit night, listening to a most romantic song sung by an Italian singer with a voice so deep and sensual that it felt as if it was coming from her sex center. The song, “Avvinta Come L’Edera,,” was describing the winding together of two bodies like ivy clings to a tree trunk.

Our faces came together as though gently pulled by a magnet until our lips touched. His lips felt like velvet and I instinctively to feel wetted my lips to absorb more of his essence. Then he stopped and deepened his breath sucking in the flavor of my lips. Then he gently touched them with the tip of his tongue as if searching for an entrance. But he did not force his tongue into my mouth. He took time, looking into my eyes with burning passion that he was building up as he waited to savor my lips.

I was trembling with excitement and I started kissing his lower lips. That was the signal for his kiss to become more intense. I was ready. . . he took my upper lip into a wet embrace and sucked on it with different intensity for a long time. My whole body vibrated and I felt juices flowing.

We were not in a hurry to stick our tongues into each other’s mouth. Why rush? Our lips provided a wonderful entrance into each other’s souls. We opened our eyes together and the energy skyrocketed to the point that my mouth opened instinctively to receive his tongue deeply. It felt like intercourse. Without words, we continued the dance of the tongue for what seemed like an eternity. Our bodies became very hot . . . time stood still. Now I finally knew the power of a kiss . . . The tingling sensations were running through my body and rivers of energy were flowing up and down my spine.

Do you remember your first great kiss? Are you taking time to give and receive delicious kisses to savor the new person that you are? Do you like tuning in to the subtle differences that your kiss brings to you each day?

Now that I know Tantra I realize how important the kiss is in love making. The throat center (mouth and ears) has a direct connection with the sex center. When you kiss, you secrete hormones that turn you on sexually and your saliva becomes rich with these hormones. Drinking each other’s charged saliva is called the Libation kiss.

You might want to try it… It works no matter what age you are.

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  • Donald February 11, 2010, 2:25 pm

    Yum!!! I send you many such kisses!!! Hope to see you soon…

  • coffee end tables May 2, 2010, 11:11 am

    great article on kisses