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Tantra Workshop Schedule

To register, call Carla at 917-513-2500 or email carla@1tantra.com

PLEASE NOTE:  Carla’s workshops sell out quickly!  We don’t want you to be disappointed when your workshop is full, so PLEASE register early.

Please note: Carla’s workshops do not involve nudity. We will work fully clothed. You will have exercises to practice alone or with your partner at home. Cancellation & refund policy.


Date   Class Duration   Workshop Registration
May 5-8 Fri 6-9pm

Sat to Mon 9am-5pm

Daka/Dakini Certification

(4 Day Intensive)

Become a Certified Daka/Dakini!
Learn to Transmit the Mystery of Love!Treat yourself to a life-changing profession! Start your own lucrative and fulfilling business by creating a positive influence on other people’s lives! Transform into a sensuous healer and confident muse in the sacred industry of Tantra!Full course description here >>
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*Please contact Carla to discuss your registration before paying your deposit.
June 2 7-9:30 pm Tantric Secrets to Deepen Intimacy  (Couples) Embrace your vulnerability towards your partner and supercharge your physical encounters with all the vibrant energy of your core self.

Full course description here >>
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June 30 7-9:30 pm Awaken Your Inner Goddess (Women) Get connected with your goddess power inside and out. We will pay attention to attitude, spirit, and body.

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July 7 7-9:30 pm Tantric Lovemaking & Foreplay (Couples) As a couple you will discover the 3 tantric levels of pre-foreplay that set the stage for the highest sexual and spiritual fulfillment for both of you.

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Please note: This class does not involve nudity. We will work fully clothed. You will have exercises to practice together at home.

July 28 7-9:30 pm Breakthrough to Bliss (Women) Learn how to melt the blocks that keep you from experiencing bliss. Balance your energy, silence your critical mind, and tune into your Goddess body.

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August 11 7-9:30 pm Awaken Love & Passion for Couples Increase your confidence in your ability to deeply connect with your partner in a loving and passionate way, whether you are looking for spiritual sexual connection or are interested in mind blowing sex.Full course description here >>

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Aug 25 7-9:30 pm Own Your Power in the Bedroom (Women) Don’t be afraid to own the powerful female energy of your inner goddess. When we learn to own this power, we can “train” our man , not to manipulate, but to reach union with each other that is desired by both of you. 

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Carla’s New York workshops are held at a private studio at 245 West 72nd Street , NYC, NY 10023, with the exception of Open Center workshops, which are held twice a year at the New York Open Center, 22 E. 30th St., NYC, NY 10016.


Here’s what some previous participants at Carla’s Intro to Tantra workshop have written:

“How bold and wonderful we are and Carla, all of us in the workshop agreed, you stand out in the crowd with your authenticity, beauty, femininity, love and care.”

“I wanted to thank you for all that you shared last weekend with our group. .. your warmth, your gracious style of teaching, your sense of humor and wisdom.”

“Great…positive class energy, good exercises and principals”

“Very informative and comfortable”

” Well presented, the experiential portions were extremely good.”

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