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About Carla

Carla Tara is an internationally acclaimed teacher of Tantra – the ancient art that teaches how to love consciously and achieve ecstasy through deep intimacy and sexual/spiritual connection. Tantra uses breath and sensual techniques to calm down the mind when it has become addicted to speed and performance.  Tantra teaches how to create a space for deep intimacy that connects body, mind and spirit, and creates unity between male and female energies so we can achieve the Union we are longing for.

Carla’s background as a Psychotherapist, Yogini, and Relationship Counselor, contributes to the strength and creativity of her work.

She coaches couples to resolve their conflicts and re-awaken their passion for each other, as well as women who want to open up to become sexually confident and create the life they really want.

Every women has enormous potential within herself that is often overshadowed by the shame and guilt that has been transmitted from generation to generation for thousands of years.  The knowledge of women’s true strength that comes through Carla’s program “Awaken Your Inner Goddess” proves it over and over again.

Carla masterfully integrates a variety of tantric approaches with body-oriented psychotherapy.

Carla has taught Tantra abroad and throughout the United States, and has hosted “Tantra Today” on the VoiceAmerica radio network. In NYC, she has taught at the Jain International Center, the Inner Light Center, the Sufi Center, the Learning Annex, the Health Expo, and Onetaste. She currently teaches Tantra workshops at the New York Open Center.


Carla enjoys staying on the cutting edge of new approaches to Tantra, and exploring new ways to bring healing power into our lives. Carla has been interviewed hundreds of times, and was named “The Source” by “Cosmo Radio.”

Her most recent achievement is her new book, Lessons from a Tantric Tango Dancer, a Journey into Intimacy, Relationships and Love available at Amazon.com.

Also by Carla: The Secret of the Oshun Breath: An Awakening and Healing Breathing Technique

Both Carla’s books are available at Amazon.com