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Woman’s Primary Sexual Organ, the Yoni

The yoni seems to still hold some mystery both for men and for women. Often women come to me to help them understand their sexual organ so they can ask their men for what turns them on.
The yoni is a network of connected parts of a woman’s body: the external part which includes the vulva with the inner and outer lips (also called labia) and the clitoris, and the internal part of the vagina which holds several powerful orgasmic spots such as the G spot, the A spot and the X spot.

Strangely enough, even in this age of overflow of information, some women do not know that the clitoris, which can be thought of as a small lingam, can not ejaculate or urinate. These women were stunned to find out that the clitoris’ only function is to give them pleasure.

In fact, the clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings, and extends below the surface of the skin to several quite large hidden areas that also can to be engorged to bring a woman to the highest of ecstasy by a caring and knowledgeable lover. Tantric lovers know that when the clitoris, including her hidden areas is fully engorged, the g spot is ready to respond almost instantly to direct stimulation and longs for touch.

The urethra also has lots of nerve endings and can be stimulated orally, by hand and with the lingam painting around it in a dance that prepares the women for passionate love making.

The fancy term for doing oral on the women is cunnilingus. Most women love it as much as you men like “blowjobs” which in Tantra we call honoring the lingam. Some women can orgasm easier that way than through intercourse because most men do not know the sexual positions that give the most stimulation to the clitoris.

Women tell me that some men complain they do not like the smell or their lover’s yoni. Perhaps they might have been traumatized by a woman who had poor hygiene. Since cunnilingus is sometimes the only way a woman can achieve orgasm, it’s important that you find a way to give her an orgasm. Perhaps cunnilingus works for the man while she’s taking a shower. Fortunately for us, most men naturally love the musky smell of the hormones produced by women and are turned on by it.

In most women, the clitoris is covered by a small flap of skin called the hood. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, the clitoris swells and grows in size (sometimes 4 times her hidden size), and can poke out of the hood, thus becoming exposed just like a man’s lingam. However, it’s important for men and women both to understand that touching the clitoris can be painful when it is unhooded, because it is so sensitive with so many nerve endings there. Make sure you wet your fingers or use some lubricant, to avoid possible painful friction which might take her down from the high ecstatic places she might be. A skillful lover knows how to do cunnilingus and touch her at the same time.

A warning to men who like the woman to nibble their lingam when receiving oral. The clitoris is more sensitive than the lingam. Nibbling it can make it sore. While the lingam is often exposed to touch of fabric for example, a woman’s clitoris is covered by a hood that keeps it protected and hidden. It is not quite as desensitized as the lingam.

Tantra covers sexual education as well as how to connect sex with love and spirituality. Some of you may already know all this information. In this case, please share this post with others you imagine might need it.

I thank you for participating in Tantra, this evolutionary way to use your sexual energy to achieve harmony, integration, enjoyment and raise the vibrations of the planet.

Always appreciating all your comments,
Carla Tara


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