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Why Second Sessions Are Important

During the first Tantra session I have helped you to be fully present—to engage the intelligent part of your mind and to calm down the critical part that prefers to repeat the same things because they are ‘known’. This part of your mind is not the intelligent part that can calculate how to make bridges and airplanes, or the part of your mind that makes common sense choices and good investments.  It is the fearful part of your mind that does not want to trust there is another way to achieve the greatest fulfillment.  So it makes you wrong for not knowing, but all it does is criticize you and scares you.

Most of the problem in relationship in general and particularly in sex is that the  “habit-bound” part of your mind that likes to take charge and resists the new approach because ‘it might not work’. Releasing any resistance, even if unconscious, has been a large part of the first session.

After that you were able to learn new techniques that will transform how you make love and how you relate to your partner.  The challenge is always how to remember to use the new knowledge.

Studies show that a large part of newly acquired information can be lost to us within 18 to 24 hours unless we do something to prevent this loss. This is why it is important to practice what you have learned  within the this time frame.  You do not need a partner to practice most of the techniques you learn in the first session.

In order to maximize the learning experience, I always recommend to a new client that they practice what I teach them as soon as they go home, and even write down some notes.  Most importantly, I recommend students schedule a second session within a week or as soon as possible after the first to make sure the knowledge is still fully present.   Then, of course, you can refine what you’ve learned and deepen it so that your practice can be more precise and get you permanent results.

Then with  the extra time we can add new, more advanced steps on top of the basic ones.  The basic knowledge of Tantra is most important.  A good building has good foundations.  Once the foundations are clear and steady we can spend more time on details that will make you a tantric master.
To be an outstanding lover most people require 3 sessions.

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