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What Is Tantric Sex, Really?

Exploring Ecstay Image Man WomanLonger orgasms and reverence for each other is a winning combination in Tantra. Why?

Seeing your lover as a divinity inspires you to really focus on tantric techniques to bring more pleasure to each other for a longer time, which will result in longer orgasms.

Reverence is a mental attitude that turns you on.

Imagine a Goddess materializing in front of you with all the sensuous beauty and splendor you can imagine; wouldn’t you be completely taken by her?

Wouldn’t you bring your lovemaking to a different level when this Goddess wants to make love with you?

The use of visualization is essential to Tantra. Imagination can transform your attitude from one of boredom to one of excitement and deep joy.

Imagine you are making love to a Divinity: would that inspire you to take your time to build the energy up big times, enjoying every glance, every kiss. You would especially pay attention to her reaction to your touch so you can adapt it to provide maximum pleasure.

Tantra tells us about the importance of having longer orgasms. Why?

It’s because during orgasm your mind is finally still, and you feel a sense of merging that is beyond the mind, thus we call it “a mind-blowing orgasm”.

Yes, a tantric Orgasm blows the mind away from stressing about performance and instead you get a glimpse of the reality of your divine nature.

But even longer orgasms are shorter than you would like. They are not long enough to create a deep understanding of our Divine Reality.

The good news is that when you fully focus on building an amazing Orgasm instead of letting them happen randomly, you will experience a sense of merging that echoes the pleasure and satisfaction of your physical orgasm. And you can expand the foreplay as close to Orgasm as long as you both want.

You can also experience multiple body orgasms that can be achieved following the powerful Tantric techniques of breathing, love muscles control, Kama Sutra positions, and other ways of building longing for merging with your lover.

We are lucky that we have access to this 5,000 years old Tantric wisdom!
Let me guide you in expanding your sexual and Divine Reality.

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