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What Does Tantra and Spring Have in Common?

What do Tantra & Spring have in common?Winter is nearing its’ end, and now we can look forward to spring, when Nature opens her Heart. As the heat of the sun warms the earth, it will explode in exuberant joy expressed in colorful flowers and new leaves.

The new warmth encourages our hearts to open up as well.

As the energy of springtime seduces us out of our winter shelters, we take more time to walk together in nature.  Couples can stop and hug and kiss without fear of catching a cold, or the flu!   Passion that might have cooled down and become almost dormant in the winter is renewed, invigorated, re-energized!


As you know, what you focus on expands, and focusing on what you are grateful for brings you more to be grateful for. 

A feeling of gratefulness for the variety we can experience with the change of seasons brings you to a higher place physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Tantra teaches us how to slow down – so we can experience the energy of Spring, so we can see the blessings we have, and so we can open our hearts to gratefulness and love.

Here are some tips to facilitate your heart’s opening:

  •  Take a few minutes together to fully focus and do some eye gazing to transmit the warmth of your love.  That opening has a direct connection with the sex center, and creates a state of joy.  In this state, you are more likely to want to touch, to kiss and to make love.
  • Take a long bath with your favorite scent with the intention to clean out any clogging of the pores of your skin.  Your skin loves to open up as well, to be ready for the exquisite touch of your partner.
  •  Do a 4 minute breathing meditation to energize yourself and expand your consciousness.   Here is my favorite breathing exercise: Breathe in for 8 counts and exhale for 4 counts for 4 minutes. Your whole body will feel light and open.  Feel the expansion that happens in your awareness.  Also notice how all your senses become sharper and your mood is elevated.
  • Time to brush up on all your Tantric techniques

Enjoy spring and lovemaking!

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