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Wall of Unity and Hope Points the Way

Thousands of messages of unity greet US President-elect Obama.

I am touched by this picture by Avaaz.org of the international wall of congratulations to president-elect Obama from almost 200,000 people around the world.

To me It represents our willingness to co-operate with each other globally to accomplish something big. We are realizing that we need to work together if we want to save the world from destruction.

History shows us that sometimes people need a symbol to unite them in a major cause. I believe the election of Obama is interpreted by many in the USA and overseas as a symbol of our readiness to unite to go beyond our selfish interests and egoic separation.

We all know that in the political arena it takes lots of time to decide on important changes and their implementation; many people have to agree before making a decision. In the meantime, I suggest we can do our private work to make ourselves as ready as possible to be the kind of people who will support this major positive trend.

On the personal level we also have divided interests. Some parts of us create glamour for recognition, others stimulate us to overwork to prove that we are strong and powerful, often overlooking our body’s need for rest and good food to support our health. Often we tend to overlook our need for connection and intimacy, putting that too low on our priority list.

When we elect our heart (our president) to decide what is the good for the whole individual, then the decisions are sane and supportive of our overall health and happiness.

How much time do we want to spend today to tune into our hearts? How can we make our heart the place where all our different needs are heard and the highest decision is made for the good of the whole person?

Today I am choosing to take time to embellish my space with curtains. It took some convincing the productive part of me that having beauty around me is important for my emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When I have beauty around me I produce more.

I am inviting you to look at your day and see what challenge you want to take today to build your muscles for a more integrated and happier person. For instance if you are overweight, are you going to choose to satisfy your sense of taste or consider eating less and get the great benefit for your overall health? If you have been busy with work, have you planned to spend time with a lover or a friend to take care of your need for connection?

I believe that if we do take the time to seek out these smaller steps we can take on the individual level, we can transfer this ability to the global level and contribute to make our planet a better place to be.

What are you doing today to move toward sane direction in your life and your world?


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