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Valentine’s Day Special Message


For men only! Time-sensitive ! Please watch now!


Introducing my “Awakening the Inner Goddess Program” for Women:


In honor of love and Valentine’s Day, I am offering a limited-time special of 25% off the regular price of $2997 for the full 12-week program.


Gift the “Awakening the Inner Goddess Program” to the beloved woman in your life by February 21st, and you receive the special Valentine’s Day Price of $2247!

I am also offering payment plans  for your convenience:

2 installments of $1,125 – one now, and one in 30 days
3 installments of    $750 – one now, one in 30 days, and one in 60 days.

Please contact me by email or by phone 917-513-2500 to confirm payment plans.