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Tips to Heat Up Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day comes in the middle of winter to warm up the hearts of all lovers.  A perfect event that invites us to celebrate our love whether we are alone or with a lover.  

If you are alone this year, treat yourself as if you are your best lover:  give yourself a sensuous scented bubble bath while relaxing to sensuous music that takes you to your an enchanted place.  Wear your favorite outfit and go out dancing or to a special romantic movie…

If you are feeling down because you are alone, do whatever you can to get your energy up.  You could make a list of all your gifts and bless yourself for being you.  You are unique and special.  Appreciate yourself.  Your special person who recognizes your gifts is on her or his way!  Feel it as if it has already happened.  Visualize your lover honoring you as someone they have looked all their lives to find.      If you have a lover, make an effort to make this Valentine different.  Give each other what you deeply desire.

Many couples tell me that the usual flowers and chocolate presents are losing the effect of surprise that many are longing for.  Take advantage of this love day to risk something new.   Take time to come up with more unusual ideas this year.

What would surprise your lover? How about making a “blind” date showing up with a wig in a costume he or she would never expect you in? And then watch yourself deliciously play act the part.  Are you going to hook up?  Who knows. . .

Or what about giving her or him a personal gift card offering a long and hot sensual massage to be redeemed within the day,  or on demand?

Or give him or her a steamy bubble bath with the most amazing scalp massage, and the longest, hottest foreplay. . .

Or offer your naked body to be a hot plate from which your lover will eat juicy sweet fruit with whipped cream or cream of chocolate. A true sweet treat for any lover!    Of course, the best present of all could be a gift card to a Tantra session, where you can learn even more ways to spice up your connection.


 My Valentine’s Special for you is 20% off pre-purchase of Tantra sessions. 

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