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The Upcoming Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the day where the sun is the farthest south. It is the darkest day of the year and is the first day of winter. Traditionally, this is a time to honor the cycle of death and rebirth that occurs within our lives as we honor this change in mother nature. It is a time for introspection and integration of lessons learned during the previous seasons. This time introspection give the planning vision and power.

I took a lot of time for introspection today so tomorrow I will be more clear. What I have learned about myself is that my passion for Tantra becomes stronger every day. It taught me to look deeper into myself to see if there is more I can give to myself and others, especially: time for insight, time to celebrate love through lovemaking, through communicating my deepest truth with softness, so it can be heard.

During the coming winter, I have made a commitment to practicing the Ocean Breath daily and to teach it to everyone who is open to it. It is the most essential breath to produce a state of energized relaxation.

I want to focus on thoughts that are uplifting without denying reality. I will remember to smile at people more often. A smile brings joy to the one who smiles as well as the one who witnesses the smile. Smiling uplifts the spirit even in the crowded street of New York City people are smiling back. I tried it out today: it works.

The coming year I will continue to share myself and my insights through blogging and coaching couples to make love more often and connect more deeply with each other.

How do you want to express yourself in 2009?

I will love to read about your choices.

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