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The Mystery of Female Orgasm

Do you realize how fortunate we are as women? We can enjoy not only one, but several types of orgasms. The Clitoral Orgasm is the most common and is the one most women experience.

Many women, however, find it hard to experience an orgasm during intercourse because most of the movements of intercourse don’t provide sufficient stimulation to the clitoris. Very few men realize that the clitoris is not just that little “pleasure button” they see on the north side of the yoni. They would be even more amazed to learn that it has as much erectile tissue as their lingam—it’s just all hidden inside of us! When the clitoris is sufficiently stimulated, though, women can have earth-shaking orgasms that rival—or even surpass—those of a man.

Some women are fortunate that their body is shaped in a way that allows them to reach orgasm from intercourse alone. However, most women’s bodies are shaped differently. In fact, in order to reach orgasm, the majority of women need to either stimulate their own clitoris during intercourse or to invite their lover to position his body in a way that will stimulate the clitoris directly.

The Coital Alignment Technique, for example, is a wonderful sex position that men can use to help their woman achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse. (In Tantra it’s called “Sporting the Sparrow.”) I’ll be talking more about this technique in another blog post.

Ladies, there is so much variety in women’s bodies that you can’t expect your man to simply ‘know how’ to pleasure you. Remember, your orgasm is your responsibility. Hoping and waiting for him to give you the orgasm you are longing for is no way to have the power you deserve over your own body.  You need to know how to “turn yourself on” and “take it all the way” to your orgasm so you are not dependent on your man to do it for you.

Once you discover what turns you on and gets you to an orgasm, then you can show your man how to get you there. Your man will love it. In my experience, I have found that men get very turned on by witnessing their woman enjoy herself; It is a such a relief for them to not have to guess if you’re having a good time or not…they know you are.

Women, I recommend you start building up trust in your ability to get you to orgasm by listening to your body. Learn to communicate what you need to your lover. The result will be a better relationship, which will bring with it increased health, sexiness and joy.

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  • Steve February 1, 2014, 9:20 pm

    Good post! I learn something totally new. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Laura Varnishe September 28, 2014, 1:56 pm

    Great advice that ‘your orgasm is your responsibility’ we shouldn’t rely on our partner to be able to give us an orgasm, we need to learn how our bodies work so that it happens naturally when we want it to