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The Five Types of Yoni: Part Five – The Rhododendron

Today we are looking at the final type of yoni – the Rhododendron.

I hope this series has been useful, to men wanting to learn the specific techniques to pleasure their woman, and appreciate her individuality, and to woman who want to learn more about their own sexuality, and own the power of their sensual nature and their unique goddess.

The Fifth Type of Yoni – The Rhododendron

This yoni has its own beauty with protruding inner lips. The woman with a rhododendron yoni has a clitoris that is slightly hooded.

Since the inner lips extend to the clitoral hood, she gets turned on by gentle to strong tugging on the inner lips, which indirectly, but strongly stimulates the clitoris. After she’s aroused, she enjoys strong oral and manual clitoral stimulation

Since her clitoris is several finger-widths away from her introitus (entrance to her yoni), she needs special attention to achieve orgasm by intercourse. She needs slow and hard grinding with a steady pace, then when she’s close to orgasm, strong and fast.

She enjoys most intercourse positions, so you can be creative. However, avoid the high leg positions because it might hurt her. Her yoni is rather on the shallow side. She does not do well with longer than average lingams.

She enjoys lovemaking even during menstruation. She has natural lubrication and her amrita tastes sweet-salty.

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  • Marie February 21, 2011, 3:55 pm

    I love your choice of such beautiful flowers to convey the beauty and individuality of women’s yonis. One of the greatest lessons I learned in life was that all women’s sexual organs look very different – and there is not ‘perfect’ way to look down there.

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