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The Tantric Big ‘O’ – Tantric Orgasm for Men

As an intimacy expert I receive many requests from men asking me why it is important for them to control their sexual energy so that they do not ejaculate too soon. Following up on my article on Male Multiple Body Orgasms, I am happy to remind you that orgasm and ejaculation are two different events.

There are powerful Tantric techniques that will help you have several mind-blowing orgasms without ejaculating – they are called multiple body orgasms. Every time you control your instinct to ejaculate, your will move toward a higher, more powerful orgasm. You can have as many orgasms as you want during the time you have set aside for this most pleasurable and enlightening experience with your lover.

A good time to decide to ejaculate is when you know your lover is fully satisfied. Do not worry: she will give you unmistakable signs. Then you can decide to have the last body orgasm with a conscious ejaculation.

This kind of tantric orgasm -I call it the Tantric Big O – will definitely be your highest and your ejaculation will be stronger and longer.

Your experience will be so intense and profound that it will keep you smiling for days. An ejaculation that happens as a reaction of your body that just wants to release a sexual tension is a fleeting pleasure compared to this. Conscious lovemaking increases your physical, emotional and spiritual love.

Men who have mastered the Tantric Big ‘O’ tell me that they experience their highest orgasm with the added pleasure of being flooded by a deep well of love and adoration from their woman. She sees him as her hero. This is the desire of most men. It is ingrained into our psyche. Men want to be heroes. Why not becoming “Superman” in bed?

However, to become a “hero” you need to own also your “feminine” side, the side that Carl Jung called the ‘anima’. Making love is a dance between the masculine and the feminine (the yang and the yin) and you need to take turns between the two if you want to arrive at the highest pinnacle of tantric orgasm.

Going up a mountain that is steep you learn that it is best to go up by zigzagging from side to side, a little higher each cross, than to try to rush straight up. Your yang energy (masculine) wants to reach completion in a straight line, but the yin part of you (your feminine) desires to slow down and enjoy the process. It wants to luxuriate in the touch, to take in the beauty, to nurture.

This is what Tantra teaches. When your climb is very steep, you need to take rests. Tantra calls these rests ‘valley orgasms’. These will allow you to climb to the top of the Himalaya while enjoying the journey. On your way up, you will encounter many valleys. Resting in these valley-orgasm gives you the energy to continue up to the very top – the tantric orgasm, the mind-blowing Tantric Big O.

To obtain this kind of power of choice takes a clear, strong intention and a real commitment to practice. Practice is essential when you are learning. You know that to really become master at anything, it requires both know-how and practice. No matter how talented you are at any sports, if you do not practice – your game will just be ordinary. Yes, a coach is very important. A great coach can give you the right instructions and transmit enthusiasm to you, but you still have to practice to achieve mastery. If you are reading this. I know you are willing to train to be the best lover you can be.

In my sessions, I can transmit to you the tools that will take you there and give you a winning formula based on a most enjoyable ‘training’. You can experience yourself as a brave warrior, a man who can overcome the desire to release this enormous sexual force.

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