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Women’s 1-Day Retreat

I created this workshop in order to help women rediscover the connection between love and sex. In the workshop women will learn to own their NATURAL sexuality  and step into their empowered Goddess selves. 

The day begins with a sacred Connecting Circle , in this space you will all hold hands, feeling the elements power flowing through you. In sacred this sacred safe place you are invited to declare what you desire most in life and discover your  major challenges.

Then we begin to learn some key techniques you will need to awaken your inner goddess. 

You Will Learn :

·      How to move in a way that spreads energy and strengthens your magnetic field
·      A special pelvic Rotation Dance-that brings focus and energy to your sex center
·      The art of Oshun Breath (or Feminine Breath)  AS WELL AS several YOGIC BREATHING
·      Soul gazing meditation 
.     How to  use Chakra sounds to increase erotic energy and heighten vibrations
·      How to Clear energy blocks
·      How to hug consciously 
·      How to set up a goddess space
·      How to RELAX INTO THE  RECEIVING   – receiving is often more challenging than giving for women
·      Practices to keep love fresh: such as  conscious touch touch…
·      How to use love muscles in conjunction with breath to achieve  greater flow of energy
·     Ways to open up the body to multiple body orgasms and/or  prolonged wave orgasms,    including clitoris, g spot orgasms, and cervical orgasm
·      THE ESSENCE of good communication  
.    How to descend  from the brain into the heart
·      How to create Create functional connection with Pituitary and your Pineal gland, the master glands
·      How to Manifest Love and Abundance through Sex Magic.

The workshop will emphasize sustainable change: 

I will help you to understand how everything you learn is most effective, when cemented with practice and guidance.

I will help you to become clear and commit to taking steps in the right direction.  

At it’s essence the Goddess workshop works like this:

You look at your core beliefs I guide you about how to update them and anchor them so they exist not just in your mind, but in your body. Then you create your own new rituals. These are unique to you and will empower you to step forward into your sexiest, most confidant self. 


The power of femininity can be totally unstoppable, especially when women come together and share their energy with one another. In this workshop you will learn how to harness your inner power and so you can reach your fullest potential.  

The cost of the workshop is $197 if signing up by the May 5th and $ 237 after that date.  We will close the enrollment at 8 women.  

We will break for lunch at 1pm, I am located near by many places to purchase food, or feel free to bring your own. 

Please also bring water and a notepad. Please  wear comfortable clothes (something you would  wear to a yoga class).