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Why am I still Single?

 Why are you still single?

  • You’ve been  looking for a relationship for years, done everything that was recommended by experts, astrologists, and therapists, and wondering “Why am I  still single?
  •  Is your image of an intelligent and powerful woman, the real deal,
  • Or,  instead  do  you think that you are not  able  to  find the partner you want because you are not feeling beautiful, smart, or sexy enough? 
  • Have you put your dreams on the backburner because  all your energy went into the search for a partner?
  • Are you angry that there are no available “good men’ available?

In my workshop you will learn:

How to Deal with negative feelings without letting your mind take hold of them, and therefore never really feel them.

How to deeply understand what about you is attractive and how you can use those valuable traits to empower yourself to attract your partner.

To discover how you sabotage yourself and learn powerful tools to dissolve sabotage.

To uncover the powerful, sexy and wise Goddess you really are in your deep self.

Identify what habits you can choose to change with the power of  Your Inner Goddess.


This workshop is designed to benefit women with any level of Tantra knowledge, even beginners. Work in a comfortable, intimate, women-only space.

See Carla’s workshop schedule for upcoming dates.

Course fee: $95

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Carla’s courses are kept small to ensure lots of personal attention to each student. 

LOCATION: Carla’s New York workshops are held at a private studio at 72nd street between Broadway and West End Ave NY, NY 10023.