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The Perfect Present (Presence) for Valentine’s Day

What is the best gift you can give, and definitely can afford?

Sometimes the least expensive gifts are priceless, and this is one of them.
What most of us desire is a partner who is present.
In fact, the best present is being present to each other.
A man or a woman who experience their partner’s mind fully focused on them
is experiencing bliss. The body opens up fully to feel this gift and expands this
blissful attention by becoming more sensuous, more able to give and to receive.

This present is perfect whether you have just met a new love, but did not feel the deep intimacy that you were longing for?
Are you in an ongoing relationship that has become quite stale.
Your partner is not paying attention to you the way they used to? or is too often distracted by their phone or work, or the children?

In this workshop you are going to learn and practice the powerful skill to be fully present to each other.

  • Discuss the challenges you have to being present.
  • Is your heart truly open for this relationship?
  • Discover what are you most common interfering thoughts and stop them.
  • Practice techniques that will take you to the state of ecstatic presence.
  • How to create or reignite chemistry by being present.
  • Tantric techniques that will bring you to a deep connection (without taking off your clothes.)
  • How and when to give or to receive.
  • Suggestions on what you can do on that special day.

That will set you up for more winning agreements, better sex, and greater intimacy.

Wear comfortable clothing so you can stretch and bend, and bring a notebook and plenty of water to hydrate

 $195 per couple registration

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Registration is limited to 4 couples only. If you are interested in this workshop, please sign up right away.

LOCATION: Carla’s New York workshops are held at a private studio at 72nd street between Broadway and West End Ave NY, NY 10023.

For other upcoming workshop dates, please check the Workshop Schedule >>