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Tantric Foreplay Workshop for Couples

Couple enjoying tantric foreplayPlease note: This class does not involve nudity. We will work fully clothed.
Please wear something comfortable that you can move in

As a couple you will discover the 3 tantric levels of pre-foreplay that set the stage for the highest sexual and spiritual fulfillment for both of you.

Women: you will learn how to open up to receive your man’s full attention on all levels: sensuous, sexual, emotional and spiritual

Men: you will learn how to be present to your woman so she can feel your sexual power and love deeply: you will feel desired
Men: You will learn to slow down your advances to match her timing until she has had one or even several orgasms (before intercourse. Can you imagine how the hot the intercourse will be then?

Couples I work with can’t wait to take what they learn, go home, and make love in a more passionate and conscious way.

Registration is limited to 4 couples only.  If you are interested in this workshop, please sign up right away.

$195 per couple registration

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LOCATION: Carla’s New York workshops are held at a private studio at 72nd street between Broadway and West End Ave NY, NY 10023.

For upcoming workshop dates, please check the Workshop Schedule >>