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Super Highway to Passion Workshop for Women

In this beginner workshop, created exclusively for women, you can learn:

  • The Oshun Breath – an awesome breathing technique you can use anytime to help you relax,
  • Communication skills to build greater trust & intimacy
  • How to slow your man down in the bedroom
  • Love-making tips that synchronize with breath so sex can be more enjoyable & fulfilling
  • How to enjoy your body. This workshop will give you tools to transform any negative beliefs, guiding you to a place of acceptance and love.
  • Yoga tips that go beyond your regular yoga class using spiral motions to build muscular strength and flexibility, and drastically increase your confidence in bed!
  • Everyday tools for reducing stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression

This workshop is designed to benefit women with any level of Tantra knowledge, even beginners. Work in a comfortable, intimate, women-only space.

Register Now

See Carla’s workshop schedule for upcoming dates.

To register, call Carla at 917-513-2500 or email carla@1tantra.com