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Embody your Feminine Power

Embody your Feminine Power

In this “Gender-Equality” world where many women have taken on very independent masculine roles, it is very common that…

We​ ​forget​ ​how​ ​powerful​ ​being​ ​a​ ​WOMAN​ ​really is.

In this workshop you will learn:
● What your divine natural feminine power is.
● How to reawaken the GODDESS within.
● How to identify the trauma or beliefs that may have caused you to block the fulness of your femininity.
● How to get what you want by embracing your Feminine Power.
● How to identify and utilize the power of being feminine & delicate.

This workshop is designed to benefit women with any level of Tantra knowledge, even beginners. Work in a comfortable, intimate, women-only space.

See Carla’s workshop schedule for upcoming dates.

Course fee: $95

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Carla’s courses are kept small to ensure lots of personal attention to each student. 

LOCATION: Carla’s New York workshops are held at a private studio at 72nd street between Broadway and West End Ave NY, NY 10023.