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Tantra to Heal the Soul

morguefile-kissingstatues2bTantra teaches that love seeks expression through our bodies. Love is our essence, our Soul. From time to time, we might have glimpses of our soul; however, we resist experiencing it fully. We do not trust love. We want to feel it, but we also are afraid of it. This creates the most basic human struggle, our most essential tension between love and fear.

Instead of practicing love, we identify with our superficial self, our ego, whose survival depends on separation and defense. But, resisting who we are is difficult and creates pain.

We often confuse our genuine need to feel the force of love running through our body with a desire to experience the fast superficial release of tension.

Sex is often reduced to a means to release this tension and experience an often-short burst of pleasure followed of depletion, which we misinterpret as relaxation. We are missing altogether our real need for merging with ourselves and/or another in love, which leaves us joyous, happy and more energetic even after hours of lovemaking.

Have you ever tried to water your garden, and had to unkink a twist in the hose because it was completely blocking the flow of the water? With Tantra, we can use the Breath as a way to open up the blocks to love that we have inside us, just as we do when there is a kink in the hose.

Physical/emotional blocks can be formed by abuse anywhere on the scale from a disapproving look, to verbal anger, to rape. Mental kinks are fantasies that take you away from fully experiencing the moment and rob your lover of your presence.

Using the Breath skillfully, we can open the energy fully and actually enjoy its powerful flow for longer periods, making our bodies healthier and more youthful as they connect with the soul, our real essence.

Opening our breath is the key to untying our internal knots so our love can fully express itself. Without this opening, we miss the deeper bliss of our sexuality. Conscious Breath is the most important way our bodies make love with God.

Tantra invites us to practice love in a relaxed way.

I invite you to join me for a Tantra workshop or a one-on-one coaching session to begin your practice of love!

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