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Tantra and the Power of Now

Many of you might be familiar with The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

The more I read his words and listen to him, the clearer it becomes to me that he is actually teaching what Tantra has always known, although he stays away from the sexual arena.

Tantra is the art of living fully present, fully aware of the present moment, the only moment where we connect directly with life and with each other, free of any lower mind commentaries, memories and projections.

Tantra is about being in the Awakened State, the state where you are accepting what is, and feeling its impact fully without fighting it. When you accept what is you have more energy available to deal with whatever is presenting itself to you. Then you act instead of react, thus increasing your power of choice with every occurrence.

Many people in today’s culture limit their authentic power by staying in their minds, and engaging with the world one step away, through their intellect. We need to realize that authentic power comes from our direct connection with the present, which replenishes, revitalizes and fulfills us.

Connecting with the present is fun especially in a loving, sensuous and sexual context, where we run high octane energy. However, if you have a goal in mind, then you are not in the present, and it’s not Tantra. To be fully energized and relaxed at the same time, you need to be present to give your full attention to your lover, and in turn receive full attention from your lover.

When you slip into thinking and the “monkey mind” is taking over, your partner can help you back to the now by communicating. With your permission, your partner can remind you of your intention to be present, and bring you back where life is pulsating.

Since everything is connected, it is essential to become aware of your fears because you increase them by projecting past experiences into the future. The challenging financial situation we are currently experiencing poses an additional risk of leaving people feeling out of touch physically when their minds are caught up in anxiety.

Bad financial news do not turn us on… Yet Tantra says that taking your attention to your divine core is the best way to overcome any fear and transform it into love. When sexual energy connects with love we have an amazing potential the highest pleasure, transformation and enlightenment.

Just because you understand this intellectually does not mean you can do it. There could be unconscious fears of or guilt about pleasure. There are habits that have to be overcome. Tantric healing can take care of the resistance to pleasure, and encourages us to practice the breath and touch meditation as often as we can, but at least once a day for a consecutive 30 days. If we do not skip a day, we can count on having added Tantric knowledge to our repertoire.

Making love is not a time to practice new techniques. Schedule practice time separately, so you can bring your new knowledge with confidence into the bedroom. Then you can be fully present to the moment and free of mental activity, and very spontaneous.

Use the Holidays to take time to make love. It might be the greatest present you can give to each other.

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