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Shining a Light on Emotions

I was at a restaurant last night  wondering if I could have a moment of peace while I was eating. As you probably know in NYC the tables are often very close together because owners want to fit as many tables they can in the available space.

The food was excellent and the couple next door were actively engaging with each other.  She was crying because a friend of hers had been unkind to her ,and he was trying to stifle her emotions by telling her that it was not that bad.  The more he tried to convince her that her emotional reaction was exaggerated, the more she was crying.  I guess she was feeling unheard by him,  which made things even worse. 

It was none of my business, but I was sitting there wishing I could tell the man that emotions can be a source of consciousness that help see more of who we are and what our needs are.   They are a gift that enriches life.  Welcome them and see what their message is.  When you welcome them and understand their message they usually move along, just like a wave that washes over you, and you are left with more understanding.

Emotions are the colors that make the painting speak to you.  Emotions of discontent can also spur you on to do something to change the way you live or to create something new.  If you stifle your “negative” emotions you can stifle your “positive” emotions that spark your creativity as well.

As the famous psychologist Carl Yung said:  “There is no change from darkness to light or from inertia to movement without emotions.”

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