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Sexually Satisfied Women Confess Their Secrets

The last year more women have come to consult with me than in the past.  Women seem to be waking up and owning their own power in bed, and men LOVE it. 

When a woman is happy, her man feels like he’s winning.   Yes, actually they are both winning in the powerful areas of intimacy, love and sex. 

The overwhelming majority of the women I have been coaching have been able to:

  • release all the often inherited shame and guilt around the subject of sex, and free their natural sexuality;
  • feel good about how they look;  they stopped narrating critical comments to themselves during the act of sex that drained away their passion, and often ended up in faking orgasms;
  • learn how to express what they really want and thank their man profusely when they receive what they want, and often more…  Men love it to hear their woman being explicit about sex.

These women have learned what works best to keep the energy up and flowing no matter how long they have been married.

I want you to have this transformation for yourself, and my heart is overflowing with gratefulness for being able to transmit these knowledge to you also.  Please feel free to use it and to share it.  

Here are the top three tactics sexually fulfilled women use to keep passion alive and flowing for themselves and their man:

1.  Sexually fulfilled women schedule time for sexIf you think that scheduling is too business-like, think twice. Without a schedule, you are not preparing yourself for lovemaking and created an undisturbed amount of time for sexual connection. 

You need time to think what kind of interesting things you will do!  Scheduling ‘making love time’ makes you free to be fully spontaneous during that time.  When your mind is free, your body is more relaxed, and when you are relaxed you can experience more pleasure.

 2. Sexually fulfilled women stack up memories of the hottest moments of past encounters.  They are able to recall them at will.  There is an immediate connection between past memories and present moment.  And the present moment starts getting you hot with your man.  These women have been practicing this mind-heart-sex connection because it works.   They can bring these hot moments to mind any time they want to turn themselves on.

3. Sexually fulfilled women know that body language and voice can be a great turn on and they use it consciously and creatively.

My client Beverly gave me permission to reveal to you one of her special expressions to her boy-friend. Using her sexiest voice and looking at him with love, she tells him, “I love touching your wonderful lingam. I can feel every cell throb with love for me.  I enjoy to see and feel it grow and grow, but I also love when you offer me another chance to make it grow again.  I love both your hard on and your soft on!”

 Can you imagine the grin on his face when he heard that?

 These tactics are easy to start, and can make an amazing difference in the level of passion and sexual satisfaction in your life.

The result of a sexually satisfy women is a happier, healthier and more passionate life.  It’s well known that great sex is healthy because it fulfills you emotionally, spiritually and physically.  In fact the body is flooded with happy hormones that strengthen the immune system and calm the mind.  Good sex is the greatest anti-stress!

Do you want to create more passion in your relationship?

Do you struggle with confusion or shame about sex that you can’t seem to get out of your head and heart?

 I can help.

Contact me to schedule a private session, or join me for my next workshop.


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  • Manning Haile January 15, 2014, 1:46 pm

    Words are so powerful! Conscious men can use them too. Imagine the grin on her face, when she hears…

    “I love touching your wonderful yoni. I can feel every cell throb with love for me. I enjoy to see and feel it moisten and swell, but I also love when you offer me another chance to make you warm and wet again. I love worshipping this beautiful entrance to your soul.”

    You do wonderful work!