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Sex & Love’s Most Important Ally  

Sunset kissKeeping your awareness in the present is easier said than done.  However, presence is worth learning, because it’s the major medium through which love can be expressed.  Love cannot be felt if you are not present.  If you are not present with your lover, you are either thinking, fantasizing, holding your breath or doing shallow breathing as you try to hold down what you are feeling.

Presence is essential in order to:

  • touch your lover while completely focused on your intention to open their heart;
  • really hear what your lover desires;
  • pay attention when you do not feel comfortable;
  • say in a supportive way what would make you feel happy;
  • feel and express your gratitude for each other’s love;
  • rise in ecstasy together.

These days it’s  more challenging than ever to pay full attention to what your  lover needs and desires.  Constant interruptions from email, smartphones, work deadlines,  children, Facebook, social demands and more are competing with your intention to pay undivided attention to  what brings you pleasure and brings you to ecstasy.

As you know, this is the age of too much information.  The chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt says that every two  days, we are bombarded with  more information than the cumulative information available from the beginning of time to the beginning of the 21st century.

This mass of information helps us, but also creates a pervasive anxiety that you may miss something important, that if you do not daily update your knowledge you will be left behind.

Your mind is tricked into believing that being up-to-date is more important than nurturing your relationship and create more time to have mind blowing sex and deep intimacy.  Because there are so many things clamoring for your attention you may not fully listen to our partner and neglect the safest way to abundance, which is the respect and love you feel for each other.

Happy people are more abundant. It is just that simple. That means that if you want to open the flow of love in your life and your relationship, it’s essential that you make a conscious effort to be fully present with your lover and your family.

What are your thoughts on this issue?
What do you need the most help in?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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