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Sex 365 Days a Year!

According to a recent article on GoodHousekeeping.com, two couples recently took up the challenge of making love every single day – one for 101 days in a row, and one couple for 365 days a year!

It sounds impossible, but these couples met the challenge and now they are having the best sex of their lives. Over the course of their ‘sex marathon,’ their marriages became stronger and more fun.
You might think that sex every day is impossible without a product or medication, or some outside stimulation. This is not true! Our body/mind is strong enough to make it happen naturally. It just takes commitment and the willingness to follow through without using excuses.

Every time you make love, you are bonding deeper and become more harmonious with each other. By making love I don’t mean having intercourse ending with ejaculation. You don’t even have to have intercourse to make love. Anything from looking into each other’s eyes, to cuddling, to touching each other with the intention of connecting with love, kissing… you are increasing your intimacy quotient.

And the more intimate you become as a couple, the sexier your life gets. Your days are happier and people around you start noticing there is a special light and energy that you did not have before. Some will even ask you if you joined the gym. So instead of hitting the treadmill every day, how about hitting the sheets with your lover?

How’s that for a New Year’s resolution?

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