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More Testimonials from Women:

Colin and I are still enjoying the wonderful experience that you created the other night. Thank you so much, Carla. The work that you’re doing eases people out of spaces that can be very painful into laughter, openness, sharing and healing. The gathering leaves a very real sense that life can be better, more joy filled. You can’t go back to hopelessness after a Carla evening.
~ Nancy, yoga teacher and massage therapist. 
“Thank you for your laser-sharp focus on my issues. I’ve learned a lot and I feel more relaxed and powerful.  Yes, I deserve to have a harmonious and hot relationship! Looking at the difficult issue  from a new angle brings hope and courage to my heart.   Thank you for listening, for being both a loving and tough coach, and for your uncanny ability to get right at the “heart” of the matter.”  – Mary P

“It was a true honor meeting you. You are an excellent instructor, and I am still marveling at how much you can teach in just two hours. It is the best education I have ever received, and I know it will help me in all my relationships for the rest of my life. Your caring guidance has given me the tools to get in touch with my long-repressed sexuality. I will continue to practice all the exercises, and I can hardly wait until next Saturday to learn what else is in store for me.” – 
Cynthia W., research assistant

“Nothing like learning about sex and orgasms at the age of 49! Hey, at least I am learning! It’s funny how we are conditioned to think of only the traditional way to have an orgasm. That was amazing. Thank you for sharing that with me” 
- Rachel, financial analyst

Recovered Feelings and Sensations in the Sexual Center
“I came to see you with little hope that Tantra could help me. I tried everything else…. Yes, Carla, you helped me. I learned how to heighten my energy while relaxing my body, and how to connect my sexual energy with my heart so I can heal the split that happened growing up in a very puritanical family. I could finally feel my yoni, how it is alive and relaxes and squeezes, and produces juices. It was such a wonderful experience. I felt connected with myself and innocent. I am now ready to open up and ask my man to take me the way I desire.” – Geralyn M., financial consultant

“I was so stunned when under your skilled guidance I saw clearly that one of the reason I’ve not spent a lot of time with my man after marriage is that I believed my family coaching that “you use sex to catch a man”. “Once married, just be a good wife, whatever “good” meant. Through your help I can now regain the power of my sexuality and mix it with love.” 
- Carol, MD

“Carla, you imparted divine energy healing to me- the beginning of my healing some long-held rigidities and fears (resulting from childhood abuse) that manifested in my physical body. Your sessions were life-changing; the effects of the opening (physical and spiritual) I experienced with and through you continue unabated. For the way in which you channel such love and bliss, I am profoundly thankful.”
  – Roberta A. , psychologist

“I still can’t understand how you were able to find the repressed memories that were keeping me from enjoying a decent sexual life. My shrink had no success for eight years, yet in two hours you delved deeply into my subconscious to uncover the traumatic experience of my youth that made me fear any man’s sexual advances, no matter how loving he was. Through your guidance I was able to relive that horror, crying through the memory until I worked through it. Now that it’s been exposed to the healing sunlight, I’ve filed it away as an experience that’s passed, and I can live my life and enjoy my sexuality as well as anyone else. You’ve changed my life. Thank you.” – 
Kathy, real estate agent

G spot orgasm
“I must tell you that after seeing you, Charles and I have been practicing the breathing techniques, aligning our chakras, connecting and focusing with each other by looking in each others eyes, and a new world has opened! We began practicing Tantra as soon as we got home–I must tell you that he didn’t go in to work on Wednesday! I found my G-spot and so did he! I feel so free, energized and connected to myself–I am so happy! I’ve got my groove back! I am now interested in becoming a Tantric Instructor on down the line– I know I have much more to learn.” 
– Alice G., teacher

“I can’t thank you enough for the change you’ve brought about in me. I always envied my closest friends when they described the orgasms their husbands or boyfriends gave them. I felt like a freak because I was the only one who never had orgasms- never with a lover, never with either of my husbands, and never even with me. Masturbation was so unsatisfying without a climax that I had stopped trying. I had no idea what an orgasm would feel like until I had that massive one in your temple. It happened only because you patiently dug into my psyche to discover the block keeping me from allowing myself that much pleasure. (I must admit that another major cause was your showing me I was looking in the wrong area for my G-spot.) I masturbated twice right after I got home, achieving a climax each time. I was so turned on that I practically raped my husband as soon as he got home. He can’t get over the change in me, so these thanks come from both of us.”  – Melissa R., geneticist

Women introducing Tantra to their Partners
“The session we had yesterday helped me to feel the energy in my body, and that is a big deal for me. I’m grateful that there is someone like you who is willing to live up to this work. I will try to convince my husband that this is for real and he might come. You are a great woman. What you do requires strength, courage and dedication, and you have all these qualities.” 
- Marie R.

“The session was fabulous. Thank you. Your energy is amazing. My husband was grateful that I opened up.  He notices the difference. He is actually encouraging me to practice what I have learned from you. Thanks for making it so safe and enjoyable”. 
- Katherine