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From Men

“Thank you so much for a wonderful session yesterday morning.  I learned a number of things that will help me feel good and be more effective as a lover and husband.  I also had a great time.  Carla is perceptive, thoughtful, and fun.  I am so glad I spent the time with her.  I went into the session with high expectations, and still, the session exceeded them.” -Michael, New York

“I’ve been traveling for many years, and have seen at least 10 Tantrikas in different locations. You distinctly stand out for how much you know and how you transmit your knowledge with humor. And you are fun.” -Nicolas, Belgium

Overcoming Premature Ejaculation
“I was worried that I could not learn the techniques to prevent premature ejaculation. They seemed difficult in the books, yet, with you they seemed simple. I’m impressed with your knowledge and powerful/sweet way of interacting. I especially enjoyed feeling the power of the breathing, the coordination of breathing with touching, the movements to spread the energy throughout the body and the toning of the Chakras. Thanks again. I will practice the techniques you taught me.” –
Frank Capra, surgeon

“I want to thank you so much for our session. You helped me so much with my PE problem. I was losing my erection as soon as I entered my wife and after our 4 hour session I lasted over 20 minutes with her and I was feeling 10 years younger. I know there is much more to learn to become a Tantric lover and I will continue my study with you. I want you to know that I did not expect such immediate results. You lifted a big burden in my life” 
– Justin, interior designer

Hot and Healing
“I wish to thank you sincerely for rekindling my desire to enjoy sex. I will be 50 in September, but you have rejuvenated me and my thinking about love making. I thought my libido was being weakened by some blood pressure medication I was taking. Your sexy breathing and being in the moment has aroused me so much ! I have been having deeper orgasms…”
 — Mark

“I can only say that our session together brought a new vitality to my entire body and to the afflicted part of me that you specifically worked on with deftness, kindness and love. The energy that you brought to the area of my concern has stayed with me and continues to soothe and heal. Your touch and your passion have moved me deeply. I highly recommend it to anyone whose eyes and heart are open.” 
– Manny Lynx, movie producer

Body Orgasms
“I really got to experience what you say in your article about Tantric body orgasms…. Wahoo I did not believe it possible.” — 
Jason, architect, Philadelphia

“Thanks you very much for all of it. I experienced several body orgasms in a row and no ejaculation. Now I can meet my girl friend with more ease and knowing that I can make love to her as long as she wants.” 
— George S., health consultant

Want to Introduce Tantra to Partners
“Thanks, Carla for a wonderful session. Last night I went home and I made love to my wife in a completely new way. She cried, she laughed and she came. I don’t know what it is about you… you definitely have something special to give. Next session I want to come with her. Thanks again” 
– Barry , civil engineer

“The session with you was very energizing and spiritually moving, with open loving kindness. It helped me look beyond my ego, and into my inner being to go where I belonged. I can now express my true feelings to my girl-friend and she loves it!” – 
Wilhelm H., chemist

Life changing

“Hey Carla,

Just wanted to let you know about an experience I had over the weekend.
     I had a friend from Atlanta staying with me and one thing led to another…we ended up sleeping together.  Didn’t have sex, in fact there was nothing beyond kissing and touching but it was without a doubt the best experience I’ve ever had.  For the first time, I really did feel like I was fully present in the situation and I could feel the energy between us.  Definitely something I’ve never had before and I want more!!!
     I’ve also been working on finding the positive in everything I do…even in such a short time since we last saw each other I feel a change.
     I have to say I was a bit skeptical about the sessions when I was first reading about you but there’s no doubt that I have needed some help for a while and I really think I’ve made a great decision in seeing you.  Thank you!”  ~Best, Roger

“I am so glad that I had the privilege of working with Carla Tara. I had spent a third of my life wondering why I was not fully enjoying my sexual experiences, and why my body was not responding with my different partners. In my first meeting with Carla I soon realized that  working with her would be a life changing experience. Within a short time she was able to address deeply rooted issues in a way  that started to liberate me and open me up for greater experiences. Each session gave me a new lease on life. Everyone noticed a difference in my personal confidence, and I truly learned what it is to love myself. Because of this work I was able to meet the woman of my dreams, and not only do we have a great relationship, but the sex is out of this world.. on levels deeper than the physical. My new friend tells me that I am the best partner she has ever had. Carla is a special gem and truly a gift from God. I feel that every man should take the time to learn how to understand and please his woman better.. and in my opinion, there is no other teacher more qualified than Carla. She is worth every penny. Thank you Carla, for changing my life.”  – Maurice, US

“Carla, I must say I’m really impressed with your knowledge of Tantra and your art of touching me both with your hand and with your heart. I have been seeing Tantrikas for years, and you definitely excel in your ability to be fully present, your caring approach and your enjoyment of what you are doing, which is contagious. I want to continue the in-depth training. Thanks again.” — JPC, Germany

“I wanted you to know how powerful our session was today. You are a wise, loving teacher and I’m grateful for your keeping the training rigorous and challenging. It made the Tantric realm very real for me, and gave me a strong grounding in the power of the masculine Shiva aspect” — 
Bill K, teacher