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From Couples


Trusting Carla was immediate and easy.  She was  fully present and asked questions that skillfully spiraled to the core of our issues. Instead of encountering the usual fears and using cover-up maneuvers, we discovered a completely different way to resolve recurring issues, and both came out as winners.  After the session, Robert and I were closer than we’ve been in years.  2 weeks after our session we still are both winners and our sex life has greatly improved.   We are grateful for her exuberant sexiness and wisdom. ~Robert and Jenny

Colin and I are still enjoying the wonderful experience that you created the other night. Thank you so much, Carla. The work that you’re doing eases people out of spaces that can be very painful into laughter, openness, sharing and healing. The gathering leaves a very real sense that life can be better, more joy filled. You can’t go back to hopelessness after a Carla evening.~ Nancy, yoga teacher and massage therapist. 

“Thank you so much for allowing us into your home and sharing your wisdom, passion and guidance with us.   It was an incredibly inspiring experience and we learned so much from you. ” – Barry

I just wanted to thank you for an extraordinary journey today.  We did not know what to expect but I am so happy to have experienced YOU! Your gifts, openness and teaching are far beyond anything I could have imagined.  We are excited to begin practicing everything you taught us.  Lou seems happy within himself and he is enjoying what has opened up for him in the session.” – J

Your wisdom and compassion has enriched our relationship.  We appreciate your support and guidance, and we think of you each time we look into each others’ eyes and touch each others’ hearts.  Thank you.” – Mark & Aileen

“George and I are doing well. He is really put forth the effort to be more loving and likes doing the breathing together. He said he even uses it when he is doing his work out for the Brazilian Ju Jitsu exercises. It is really a relief to me that he is in touch with his breath. He seems more connected to me and to his own self.….. Hurrah!” – Sandy and George

“We would both like to thank you for a wonderful time together. 

You have done more in 2.5 days to provide us a healthy loving relationship than any other counselor ever could have. While we were both very skeptical of the tantra way and such terms as full and multiple body orgasms, we are committed believers now! 

In 50 years I have never had the big head ever control the little one til now and it is wonderful. 

I cannot imagine more satisfying and fulfilling sex as that found through the tantric teaching, especially with a wonderfully loving teacher like you.” 

- Charles and Sandy Smyth

Advanced Love Making

“My husband and I were very impressed with how much we learned in your session.  It brought us much closer.  He was ecstatic how you taught me to ejaculate!” – Mary and Bill

“It was difficult for me to bring my wife, but I’m glad we saw you. What a relief to learn that I am not responsible for her orgasms! I can, however, help her enormously by filling myself up with conscious breath and focus attention letting go of the compulsion to make her to come. My intention to be present with her was essential for her and much easier for her to reach the orgasms she always wanted. 
Thanks a lot.”  – Bryan

Hi Carla, Mary and I wanted to thank you. We had a great time and you were wonderful. You’re caring and the ease you share your deep knowledge made us both feel very comfortable. And when we got home we had a great time using the new skills you showed us. Mary was touched by the amount of time you spent with her and it has helped her already.” 
- Mary and Andrew


I was so stunned at the results of a single session with you.  My wife came in with lots of apprehension and  sexually closed. You took her  skillfully to a place where she let go of lots of the  shame she grew up with.  She also understood that  the distinction between being discriminating and being judgmental. She learned to feel so good about setting boundaries that you respected. That respect allowed her to relax her boundaries a little more as the session went on.  Our sex has improved greatly after the session with you.” – Jack N., Psychologist

Thank you for your wise guidance. You are such a loving and honest soul, full of life. I felt safe and loved by you, and admire your love of learning. I could open up and heal my heart’s wounds! I hope we see you again soon. And I will let people in NYC and New England know about your wise, safe and beautiful teachings.”   -
Mary and Jonathan

“I came to the session with no clear understanding of what my goal for the workshop was. After your introduction, I suddenly said that my goal was to reclaim my ability to love. I am afraid to say, but it seems that with your and Goddess’s help, it actually happened! In the course of the workshop I was brought to realization that my resentment for my runaway father was blocking my he art and my sexuality; I was then able to release my resentment, and now I feel love and gratitude for my husband, my father, and you! This was such a great and timely step on my way of releasing my darkness and opening my light. Blessings in everything you do!” 
- Melinda


“I wanted to thank you for helping me connect with my partner. He spends more time looking into my eyes and we spend more valuable time together. After the session I have started to let go of the anger that I was feeling inside. It’s amazing how me and my partner connect with each other and breathe together. You’re a Goddess sent. Thank you so much.” – Anne and Robert

It’s been a year since our Tantra session, and I continue to appreciate all you’ve taught us. Henry’s premature ejaculation problem hasn’t recurred even once, and I’m still having multiple orgasms almost every time we make love, which is now four or five times a week. Even more important is the love this has regenerated between us, and our friends say we’ve been acting like newlyweds on our honeymoon. I pray that you and your practice will continue to flourish so that you’ll make other couples as happy as we are.” – Catherine K., science teacher