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Sex can be great from your 40s into your 80s and 90s! Learn how to stay passionate and juicy with tips from Carla for older couples & singles.

Are you dealing with the challenges of growing older in your relationship?

Learn what changes you can make to keep sex juicy and passionate, and bring excitement back to your relationship. Join me for one of my New York couples workshops, or find out how a private session with me can help.

This video is part of my new series: Tantric Sex and Vibrant Relationships.

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What is good sex?

Being in sync with your partner can take your relationship from empty quick sexual encounters to a passionate, juicy partnership. Learn how to have better sex [click to continue…]

Do you feel less connected with your lover or spouse than you want? Do you want to take your relationship to a deeper, more satisfying level? [click to continue…]

We NEED touch as human beings, and touch is central to an exciting, fulfilling sexual relationship.

Learn the different tantra touches you can use to create sizzling sexual energy and deep fulfilling connection with your lover.

[click to continue…]

How do you keep your connection vibrant and exciting? How can you spice up your love-making in a long-term relationship?

Sometimes in a long-term relationship or marriage, life together can get stale, and that leads to boring sex. But it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE! [click to continue…]