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The song of the Golden Dakini from the Tibetan Buddhist traditionThe Tibetan Buddhist tradition is incredibly rich and inspiring.  It includes a pantheon of buddhas and dakinis who embody all the different personalities or essences of humanity.

Each ‘character’ in the pantheon has their own poem or song of meditation. 

One of the most beautiful is the song of the Golden Dakini. It is a beautiful praise to the divine feminine essence as healer, caretaker, mother and spiritual guide. It inspires me as a coach, and I hope it inspires you as well:

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The importance of positive body image“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  ~ Marilyn Monroe

Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we all looked alike, even if we were all perfectly beautiful?

Can you be seductive even when you don’t have the perfect ‘beauty pageant’ body?

Are you comfortable being sexy with your lover even though your thighs are “too flabby” and your breasts aren’t high and perky anymore? 

Can you even imagine that he might like your thighs and your breasts just the way they are?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may be struggling against the brain-washing of a world that is always teaching women to judge our bodies against impossible standards.

When we internalize critical judgements about our bodies and our looks, we build a wall between us and pleasure.   [click to continue…]

Tantra Heals the Heart and Soul

Do you feel disconnected in your life?

Do you feel like something is missing but you’re sure what it is, or what to do about it? 

Tantra is the ancient art that shows you how to connect your body and mind with your soul.  Your soul is your core self that is always abundant in love, joy, and ecstasy.

When you are out of touch with your core self, you lose the sense of purpose that brings meaning and deep satisfaction to our lives, and you may find it hard to reach a natural peace of mind.

How is it possible to get cut off from our core self?

The ego mind has a strong grip on our survival and in feeling special. A mature ego mind concentrates on carrying out duties: to execute what’s on your to do list, to make the necessary phone calls, to get the bills paid, and finish the big project at work.  And each time, we complete that duty, we feel accomplishment and pride, maybe even admiration from other people – the emotional reward for our efforts.

When you feel flooded with blissful energy it’s easier to quiet down the ego mind and seduce it into becoming the servant that we need for our physical survival. 

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Tantra Master Carla Tara

Tantra Master Carla Tara


Recently, a client asked me at the end of session, “What is it like to be tantrika? What do you do all day?

For me, Tantra extends far past the end of a session or the close of a workshop. Tantra is my normal existence, my universe, my every day.

So I thought I would write this post and share with you a day in my life as a Dakini:

I wake up this morning feeling grateful that I am alive. Silently, I formulate words of gratefulness and my heart responds to them, beating more enthusiastically. My mouth is shaping a wonderful smile and my eyes open widely.

Then I take time to tune into the pleasurable current of energy that wakes up my whole body. I place one hand on my heart and the other on my belly, connecting love with power. [click to continue…]

The last year more women have come to consult with me than in the past.  Women seem to be waking up and owning their own power in bed, and men LOVE it. 

When a woman is happy, her man feels like he’s winning.   Yes, actually they are both winning in the powerful areas of intimacy, love and sex. 

The overwhelming majority of the women I have been coaching have been able to:

  • release all the often inherited shame and guilt around the subject of sex, and free their natural sexuality;
  • feel good about how they look;  they stopped narrating critical comments to themselves during the act of sex that drained away their passion, and often ended up in faking orgasms;
  • learn how to express what they really want and thank their man profusely when they receive what they want, and often more…  Men love it to hear their woman being explicit about sex.

These women have learned what works best to keep the energy up and flowing no matter how long they have been married. [click to continue…]