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Nature’s Touch

I woke up this morning to see the sun rise. It was an amazing, sensual experience

The colors were spiraling in the sky, reflecting in the calmly flowing river, and bouncing into my heart. It was as sensual an experience as the hands of my lover who was hugging me from behind. I was receiving his warm touch on my back and the sun’s rays in the front. What an experience! Then we kissed each, other greeting the glorious day in front of us sealing this moment in our consciousness.

Birds were cleaning their beaks on the electricity poles after scavenging on a pile of stuff that had fallen off overfilled garbage cans. Seagulls were gliding on air currents with complete abandon. The wind shook lots of yellow and red leaves, making a colorful carpet covering the pavement.
It was really fulfilling waking up with nature and feeling the connection with it.

My day was more relaxed and more productive because I took those 15 minutes to connect with nature.

What happens to you when you take time to connect with nature?

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