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Mother’s Day for the Divine Mother in All of Us

violet.pngToday we celebrate Mother’s Day, and nature is opening up her astounding beauty fully. Our first physical mother is the earth, which provides the ground for us to walk on and build houses on. She gifts us generously with fruits and vegetables of all colors and varied awesome tastes.

Earth celebrates her Divine motherhood after the long sleep of winter by bringing to life all the trees and flowers that bring much happiness to our hearts. The birds and other animals are celebrating her, too, by being more vocal and expressing their sexuality more strongly.

The Human Mother taps the same creative energy. It brings me great joy that I can think with gratitude of all the gifts my mother gave to me. I love my mother deeply and I am happy that I am a mother myself.

In the past, I felt differently. As a young woman, I felt resentment for not having been loved the way I wanted. As my own growth continued, , I still resented the hard work I had to do to change negative and limiting beliefs I had absorbed from her when I was growing up. But as my practice of Tantra grew, I was able to complete my own healing, and now, I feel grateful that the work I did to reframe those beliefs into more positive ones has made me a stronger and happier person.

The work I did to reclaim my sexual innocence and my personal power gives me now the knowledge and compassion I need to help others that want to transform their lives. I became an expert in helping others regain their power and connect sex with love.

My heart is full of love for my mother. She was strong enough to take care of seven children, whereas I was feeling exhausted dealing with only my two sons!

This Sunday I celebrate Mother’s Day with my two sons and grandchildren. However in my heart, I will be connecting with all the mothers in the world who are in pain because they lost their children or because they are still at war with them.

I know that the Goddess I am honoring will give special blessings to all her children, especially to mothers who feel still unfulfilled and sad. Being a mother fulfills a great longing to connect. And for 9 months you are connected with a being that will come though you.

What a gift!

My wish is that we all get to connect with the baby and child part in us and extend to them all the love that we might not have received growing up.

That’s why, for me, Mother’s Day is not just to celebrate the motherhood of women, but the “motherhood” of men, too. Some men need to give to their inner child the motherly unconditional, mature love that their mother might have not been able to give them. In other words these men they have to become their own healthy inner mother in order to heal fully and enjoy their own masculinity and femininity.

As you enjoy this day in the company of your partner, your children, your parents, I hope you find ways to connect with your own Divine Mother, and the creativity and groundedness she can bring to all your relationships.

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