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Looking at Las Vegas

I spent this past weekend at the 2008 Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas.  It was a sharp reminder to me how many people’s intentions and energy are focused on the material as they search for the elusive joy in their lives.

Yesterday, as I passed through the Casino  —  the only way to reach the rooms where the Anti-Aging Conference was held – I was impressed by the serious faces of people from young to very old,  completely focused on winning money.

I was wondering if they would use the same meditative intensity when they make love…

Since I don’t have any inclination to gambling, I could not really understand why someone would put themselves under the stress of trying to win money in a place that is set up to make money from your losses.

The luxury everywhere was seductive and awesome, but it was a “plastic” beauty. The owners obviously constructed the whole Fantasy World to make money.  It was obvious to me, not to the gamblers!  Or they just choose to ignore that fact hoping that they are lucky enough win and stop when they are ahead.

I was later reflecting on how when we humans want something badly we either don’t really see clearly or choose to hide what’s real from ourselves. Desire can be a powerful motivator, but it can also cloud our vision.

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