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Learn the Tantric Hug

Here is a short Tantric practice that you can use at the end of the day to move easily out of the hectic mode of everyday life into deep connection with your loved one.

Sit in front of each other on a carpet or a softer surface like a bed. One of you – usually the man – sits in a cross legged position. Invite the other – usually the woman – to sit facing you, on top of your crossed legs, with her legs curled around your back. 

Men, if having your legs crossed in front of you is difficult because your hamstrings are too tight and you feel like you are falling backwards, you can put a pillow or two under your buttocks as a wedge to help you stay forward, with your legs open.

If she needs to, she can put a pillow under her buttocks as well so that both your genitals are at approximately the same height.

Now both your torsos touch each other, and you reach your arms around each other affectionately.

You start enjoying the connection between the two of you, and you can go into an extended sensuous hug that is really fulfilling. You feel each other’s breath as a calming current.

Then pull back you head just enough to look into each other’s left eye to connect with the core of who you are, feeling your hearts and souls become one.

Look at each other from the base center of security, feeling safe with your lover;
from the sex center, feeling the stirring of sexual energy rising;
from the power center, adding power to those feelings;
from the heart center, feeling love expanding;
from the communication center, feeling the expression of love wanting to explode into words of gratefulness;
and elevating this expression into the center of intuition, the third eye.

At this point, you may feel a more complete connection and a deep desire to merge into one.

Starting lovemaking this way is awesome.  However, when you don’t have time for extended lovemaking, you can still feel closer than before, and you might be able to exchange some juicy kissing together, and continue the lovemaking after dinner.

Remember you can use Tantra to fit the needs of your life – small yet impactful practices like the Tantric hug can make such a difference in mere minutes!

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  • peter September 14, 2012, 5:45 pm

    the tantric mind.