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Kama Sutra 101

Tantric picture for open centerKama Sutra translates to “love verses”… perhaps because certain positions are as expressive as poetry.

The Kama Sutra can be daunting; steeped in all that history and known by many new to it as ‘those crazy pretzel-like sex positions”. But the Kama Sutra can be simplified for non yogic couples.

The following are some simplified Kama Sutra Positions for the modern, non yogic couples.

Woman on Top: The woman’s body is on top of the man’s. She plays for a while using all variations of this classic sex position, such as holding his lingam like a paintbrush and using it to ‘paint’ herself, making small gentle circles on and around her clitoris. In this position, she can also experiment with 1 inch penetration, arousing her man by building suspense. Finally, when she’s ready, she swallows his lingam into her yoni using her love muscles.

If you are feeling more limber, try these different variations:
-The woman kneels upright over the man.
-Crouching on her feet
-Leaning back on her elbows.

Couple on the Side: This position allows you to make love with your partner, in a position like ‘spooning’. The Man lies behind the woman with his tummy to her back. From here, he can enter her yoni at different angles. As a bonus, he can also reach his arms around her-drawing her in close or caressing her breasts.

Man on Top (Missionary)
The man lies on top of the woman, her legs aim to be as wide open as possible. This lets you look into each other’s eyes, which many people find very sexy and arousing.

If you’re a bit flexible, these missionary variations can be very hot:
-Slowly, she lifts one leg over his shoulder, then the other.
-She lifts her buttocks and crosses her feet behind his neck.
-She tightens her legs together to allow for more friction.

Doggy style: A classic position for steaming things up! Try this with the man entering the woman from different angles and using different thrusting techniques; fast, slow, hard, soft etc. This is a great position to pleasure her g spot. ‘Doggy style’ is one of the best for it!

It’s very hot, but it’s difficult to see each other’s faces and so you loose some of the intimacy. Perhaps try this position facing a mirror so you can look at each other’s faces (and bodies…) while you have sex.

Yub Yum: A classic and very sacred tantric Kama Sutra position. The man sits crossed legged, and the woman sits facing him on his lap, with her legs wrapped around his back. Arms holding each others lower back for support.

In this position all of their chakras are aligned and the couple can undulate together, lingam in yoni experiencing deep pleasure. This position facilitates the rising of hot sexual energy to the crown chakra, accelerating the experience of ‘enlightened’ Union.

Important Note:
Always take care that connection with your lover is the most important element in your lovemaking.

Kama Sutra describes the art of pleasure. It represents only one tenth of Tantric Knowledge, but because it stirs up curiosity, it serves as a great entry into the world of Tantric treasures.

Most of my clients came to me because they had heard of Kama-Sutra, and then they fell in love with the whole Tantric approach.

Stay tuned for the next piece on Kama Sutra: The Tantric Art of Thrusting.

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