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Is Your Sex Life a Celebration of Love?

How much have you improved your lovemaking since Valentine’s Day?
If the promise you made to each other to pay more attention to expressions of love has been the base of your behavior then you are on your way to deepen your love.

How many of you have created daily little rituals that integrate each step toward your goal to celebrate your love for each other? A ritual might be as simple as giving each other 12 seconds hug every day. The more you do it the better you become at finding the right rituals for you and remember to do them.

Another ritual could be playing a game of finding what’s right with your spouse. The winner will be the one who has paid attention to his or her lover when they express or do something that makes them feel good. I promise you that if you play this game you are the winner each and every time you catch your lover’s expressing kindness, sexiness, intelligence, consideration… you get the gist of it…. You will find that any imaginable type of positive attention you receive and you are grateful for creates newness and passion in your relationship.

Are you celebrating the good things that are happening in your life at work and at home, or are you focusing on what’s missing?

Couples who are hot – even in their eighties — have learned to become a Sherlock Holmes of even the smallest evidence of their lover’s love. These couples let their spouse know that they noticed and express their gratitude.

My experience working with couples for more than 30 years, first as a psychotherapist and then as a Tantrika, show that the attitude of gratitude helps greatly to keep a marriage fresh, spontaneous and passionate.

When your woman is grateful there is an inner smile coming from within that is irresistible you. Nothing is a greater turn on to a man than his woman’s genuine smile. Unless he has some mental sickness, every man I know wants to make his woman happy.

A woman’s heartfelt smile greatly contributes to her man’s self-esteem as a man and as a lover. When she smiles he feels like a winner and his sexual energy is naturally flowing. Expressing gratefulness for every sign of acknowledgement and attention from your spouse is the basis for powerful expression of sexual attraction and love.

This kind of lovemaking is a Celebration of their love not just a release of Sexual Tension.

It is less about performance and more about celebrating love together. Men, when you know your woman is happy already before you start making love, then you can bring her to higher states of ecstasy without thinking of your own performance and enjoy her orgasmic waves in her whole body. All the Tantric tools that you’ve learned now work perfectly and come to you naturally.

If you are focusing on what you like about your spouse you will get more of it. The law of attraction confirms that. The natural instinct is to fulfill each other’s desires.
Habitual, unconscious behavior and negative patterns are the enemy of great sex.

Sometimes those patterns are so ingrained that you do no even notice them, just like a fish does not notice water and we do not notice air unless is windy. In those cases you might want to some coaching to help you see what to avoid in order having the most fulfilling and passionate life you can imagine.

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  • Ramon O. Griffin June 19, 2013, 2:21 pm

    To help men integrate their wives into each room, I have encouraged husbands to follow the Policy of Joint Agreement : Never do anything without an enthusiastic agreement between you and your spouse.

  • Daryl Reyes June 25, 2013, 5:26 am

    Yes, modern day women are taught from child hood that their prince will come along and provide absolutely everything for them. That they deserve a good looking, exciting, strong, caring, adventurous, financially secure, endearing, responsible man who will pay attention to their every need. These things often contradict each other and leave impossible standards in which men are supposed to meet, yet many women expect. Women are in no doubt the main consumers of western culture. This also builds into an expecting and entitled attitude. While feminism is somewhat against these logic’s, it really didn’t do anything to disband them. It merely made it stronger. Women today love the new found equality and power that feminism has ignorantly fought for, yet hate the responsibilities that come with it. This is why we have so many double standards. We are all considered “equal” until it benefits them otherwise. They are so independent…until that dinner check comes. Men are no different….until it benefits them in divorce court and child custody court. Suddenly, women are more nurturing. We live in a society that often jumps back and forth within two era’s of social norms. We protect our women so they get the benefit of the doubt, both positives from different eras. Men today in the rich and middle class social class are left off far worse from a divorce. Women often get away with full custody of the children. Men are burdened with financial imprisonment to the women, and the government. The government urges fathers to let one parent be the sole custodian, did you know that? They claim it is easier on the children. I wonder why the majority of incarcerated individuals come from single mothered homes.

  • Pierre Herrera June 29, 2013, 4:20 am

    Satan loves for you to be judgmental against your spouse because you cannot be judgmental without exalting yourself.