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Is Tantra About Tricks About Performance?

Regrettably, many do not know  that Tantra exists, and even fewer people know that it’s the fastest way to let go of the past in order to be fully present in each moment.

When you sit down to meditate, it can take you ten to twenty minutes just to quiet your mind, but when I do Tantra, it takes only the intention and attention to presence, pleasure, and love to bring me to a state of vitality and openness.

At it’s basic core, Tantra is about learning to be present in the moment and feel what your lover is feeling, and to be open to see what she/he is mirroring in you, and then going together to the next level of pleasure and presence without getting pushed by the desire to perform. Instead, you are pulled by the desire to be more present and open.

Sexual and communication techniques can be easily learned, but presence is more challenging.  We are constantly multi-tasking and allow our ‘survival driven mind’ to keep working busily on to-do lists while we are looking into each other’s eyes and we end up being only partially present.  And a partially lived life is not satisfying.

Tantra requires full presence.  That is why it is a spiritual path.   When you are present, Tantra takes you naturally to your highest potential of pleasure and love.

A wise Tantric coach can help you get there if  your desire is to be present. Then it will be easy for you to let go of the old habit of building up energy and then spilling  it out.  You will use it instead to achieve more health, more abundance and more love.

If you are looking for guidance or coaching in your efforts to being fully present in all aspects of your life, I can help.  Contact me today at 917-513-2500 or email me.

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