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Intuition or Ego? How To Tell The Difference

Higher intuition is derived from the practice of Tantra: the Ocean Breath, the connection, the meditation on sensations and feelings. Intuition gets you in touch with your inner knowing, with the part of you that is connected to All that Is. Following our intuition can bring your relationships to more fulfilling levels. It always is there to help you and to guide you to your highest good, whether it is health or happiness.

It takes intention, and consistent practice to learn to distinguish between intuition or inspiration from the voice of the ego reminding you to do what’s next on the list.

A woman asked me this question: How can I distinguish between intuition and other thoughts?”

I told her that the voice of intuition or inspiration is very gentle and usually does not come back to knock on your door. It is respectful of your choices. It’s not intrusive or commanding you to do or not to do something. It requires your attention and you need to train yourself to pay attention. You are likely to hear it when you are rested as after a night sleep in meditative states, while taking a bath, or when you are in an altered state of consciousness induced by conscious connected breathing, tantric lovemaking or during the afterglow.

Intuition can be a voice or an image gently inspiring you to do or open up what’s the best for your life. Inviting the intuition to express itself is very important. It’s just like the light of the sun that can bring light into the darkness or confusion in our limited mind, the ego mind. Just as the sun cannot enter into your room if the blinds are shut, so the intuition cannot enter a noisy mind, full of demands and projects that fill your life.

This explanation was too theoretical to her. She wanted an example that would give her a better understanding of this sometimes very difficult distinction. So I gave her an example of when I did not listen to my intuition and ignored this soft, all-knowing voice.

One morning I woke up with a thought to call Jennifer. I have not been in touch with her for several months because I had been busy with a project that demanded most of my time. A soft inner voice said ‘Call her now’.

Before I could agree with that voice another, stronger voice can in, louder and more convincing than the first and I listen to it. It said, “Call her later; you have a very important phone call that you promised to make this morning.” Regrettably, I listened to the second voice, the voice of my Ego, reminding me of my work.  I made that first business call, which lead to another seemingly very urgent, and still another…  I’m sure you can identify with this.

By the time I allowed myself to remember the thought I woke up with, I called Jennifer, but she did not answer. I had a weird feeling about it and decided to continue calling her until I got her.  An intense unexplainable sadness enveloped me. No answer! She always responded to my calls immediately… I became worried and I could not concentrate on anything else that day.

The next day my friend Shareen, one of Jennifer best friends, called me to tell me that Jennifer died unexpectedly in her own bed around 8 am the day before. She had stopped breathing.  She was 45 years old and had lots of dreams she wanted to fulfill. That missed call has haunted me.

Perhaps I could have helped her. If she could have answered the phone and told me what was happening I could have called the ambulance right away I would have saved her life. A lot of what ifs that were painful to me.

Those ‘what ifs’ taught me: always listen to the first soft whispering of intuition because it’s usually contradicted by thought coming from the more limited part our brain, the ego that cannot see the whole picture beyond our physical survival. When we stop to think, we invite the ego to take over and dismiss intuition.

This example helped the woman understand better how to distinguish between intuition and other thoughts, and she shared some similar experiences herself that validated the distinction between them.

Thankfully I have many more examples of great results achieved when I listened to my soft inner voice, the voice of intuition. In my work I always pay immediate attention to my intuition. Why is it easier to tune into the intuition when I work? Because I am in the present and I don’t let any other intruding thoughts come in to squelch the soft intuitive voice or cancel the image that I am receiving.

The practice of Tantra can help anyone to get in touch with your inner knowing.

Are you searching for that true connection with your authentic self?

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