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VIDEO: Internet Pornography Threatens The Future of Our Young Men

I wanted to share with you this amazing video by Philip Zimbardo on the effect growing up with the internet is having on young boy’s developing their sexuality and how they interact socially. It’s short – less than 5 minutes – but some of the statistics and information he shares are shocking. We need to reassess how our young men and women are developing in a changed world, and take the time to help them negotiate these challenges!

Tantra can correct the damage created by porn. My work with young men of legal age gives me confirmation that men are really longing for intimacy as much as women do. However, there are painfully too few young men who take the time to tune in to notice how unfulfilled they are after porn-like s e x. Romance and slow sexual interaction are ‘boring’ to these young men only until they learn Tantra, and then they are amazed to discover how much better sex is with emotional connection.

The challenge for us as a community that believes in the ecstasy of sacred sex is how to bring this knowledge to more young men beyond the few who are natural seekers – to the ones who don’t even know what experience this focus on pornography is robbing from them.

I would love to read your suggesions on how we can reach them.

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