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How To Turn On Your Orgasm & Turn Off Your Mind

A lovely woman came to me with an excellent question:

How can I get outside of my own head and enjoy an orgasm? I’ve been told that I get inside my own head too much and therefore am not enjoying sex as much as I could/should. Any suggestions?

Most of us are living in our heads constant figuring out what to do, how to do it right, whether we have the perfect body, whether we are good enough as a lover, whether we are sexy enough, etc.

handsome man apologizing after an argument with his girlfriendOur brain does not know anything about love. It constantly creates problems that it needs to solve finding answers to questions instead of breathing deeply and being present in the body to actually enjoy the pleasure of being touched, or to touch.

Making love becomes a very nourishing and relaxing experience when you are breathing fully.

When we think, we breathe very shallowly and our heart remains closed.

You might really enjoy my short and powerful book, The Secret of the Oshun Breath: An Awakening and Healing Breathing Technique. This amazing breathing technique can help you to feel your body and keep your thoughts away from performance.

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