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How To Tap High Energy for Higher Sex

Do you ever wonder what emotions are empowering and which are robbing you of your energy?  Tantra teaches you how to smartly switch from complaining to receiving what you want.   It increases energy that makes you feel good.

When you have more energy, you see your partner (and others) from a more expanded place. You are more accepting, more compassionate, and more passionate.

Finding out what keeps your energy high is one of the most important pieces of self-knowledge that can catapult your currently lukewarm relationship to a higher, more vibrant place where you will often be in a state of powerful harmony with your partner.

How can this be?

Because when an obstacle or delay comes up in a moment of low energy, it can be disappointing or even frustrating to you.  If you experience the same event when you are in a high-energy state, you do not react defensively; you become curious instead, and are open to learn more about yourself and about your lover so you can give each other what you deeply desire.

Tantra teaches to protect this empowering state, a state that improves both your health and your relationships. The best protection is to keep focusing on it, and avoid any negative thoughts that interfere and take root in your consciousness.

There are amazing Tantric techniques that can give you the gift of sustaining high energy and passion.

A Tantric space is a very creative space when you can come up with easy and right solutions to challenges, and stay emotionally grounded to build up love from that space.

You do not react from your egotistical place.  This state of high energy and pleasure feels too precious to be disturbed by complaining or by being defensive.  You can instead kindly and openly ask for what you want and your partner will be happy to give it to you.

Of course, shame, guilt and anger, all come from a powerless space.

I train men, women, and couples to transcend and transmute these emotions into higher vibrating states.  This turns normal sex into real love-making that can grow and grow as you deepen your connection.

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