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How to Have A Happy, Passionate and Peaceful New Year

Choosing to combine Passion and Peace is the tantric prescription for a happy relationship with yourself, and with your lover.

Why tie these two together? Because peace without passion seems dull, and passion without peace can bring up discord. Tantra teaches exactly how to create happiness by integrating peace and passion.iStock_000004460077-crop

It feels good to make New Year’s resolutions, but if they are not grounded in a peaceful assessment of where you are, accepting what already is, you may find that you are choosing to make promises to yourself that are very difficult to keep.

I believe it’s because we passionately want to:
1. spend more time building our relationship and making love,
2. work out more often because we want to be in shape,
3. eat more healthy foods… and the list goes on.

However, we live by ingrained habits we have formed over years. If we aren’t willing to look at these peacefully, we won’t consider fully where we need to place our attention to succeed in making the changes we want. Expecting to change without having a plan on how to follow through often leads to failure.

It’s well known that gym are packed at the beginning of January, and by the end of the month they are almost empty. Similarly, the great lovemaking producing awesome orgasms that you have promised yourself soon deteriorates into quickies.

Then, disappointment attacks. Once you fail to keep your resolutions, you are more likely to give up the whole thing, instead of regaining your peace by forgiving yourself and get back to the program.

Giving up after the first couple of failures leads to low self-esteem and your passion diminishes also with your lover – Always remember that high self-esteem is a powerful ingredient of passionate love making. When you feel good and peaceful within yourself you can really let go and dive into intimacy and great sex.

So what if we approach ‘making resolutions’ differently, with passion for change and peaceful acceptance of where we are starting from? When you make those promises to yourself balanced with the wisdom that comes from a peaceful mind, you will plan to make fewer changes and build a pattern of passionately keeping those. Then you can build on those and have greater results.

Tantra gives us wise advice on how to combine peace with passion that will only become stronger instead of diminishing with time.

Have a great, peaceful and passionate 2014!

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