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How To Double Your Passion In Your Relationship

The brain thrives on newness. There is usually a high degree of passion and frequency of sexual activities when a love relationship begins. But over time, this excitement begins to wane, as couples get busy in their lives.

Newness is easy to experience at the beginning of a relationship. For him, there is the mystery of not knowing how she will dress, what perfume she will be wearing, what she will reveal about herself… For her, not knowing what he will reveal about himself presents an element of surprise that is very exciting, and excitement brings new fire to passion.

Newness is a delicious part of the seduction phase, but later you need to occasionally make plans to bring it back into the relationship, especially if you have been married for many years.

In my work with men I often hear their wishes. He imagines
his wife greeting him at the door with a smile and hold him in a long embrace while her body quivers with expectation of an extraordinary sexy evening.

She would wear her high heels and a sexy skirt to accentuate her long, sexy legs.
She would whispers in his ear how turned on she is, and what she will do to him.

Women have revealed to me that they would love their husband taking them to a different place of ecstasy by slowly caressing them while still dressed and being told how sexy they are, even with their clothes on. Then he slowly undresses her, honoring and making love to each undressed part of their bodies. By the time they are completely naked, they are already so turned on that they can’t wait to be taken to a higher, tantric level of pleasure and complete merging.

The magic of good communication is of paramount importance to enter higher levels of lovemaking . However, if we add the element of newness, the turn on increases by 100%.

In my sessions, you can learn how to keep your relationship fresh and passionate. You will discover one another’s deep desires, express them, and let go of any sexual inhibitions that might still be hidden, in order to bring newness into your lovemaking and revitalize passion in your relationship.

Want to see fast change in yourself and your relationship?

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