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How Can You Be Sure?

Why are men silently asking themselves why their women are not more active in their movements and sexual expression?

Why are many women frustrated and think there is something wrong with them because they can’t feel the pleasure that everyone is talking about during love making?

Why do men do not see any signs of sexual buildup in their women during lovemaking, but then suddenly realize she’s breathing strangely, almost holding her breath, and making high pitched sounds?

What is the reason that women decide to fake an orgasm?

One is to protect her man’s ego.  She knows he thinks he is a good lover because he told her how many women had great orgasms with him, and she does not want to break his bubble.  Her caring for his emotions gets in the way of her pursuing her own pleasure.  Unfortunately, this deception can create emotional distance in the relationship, which is just what she is trying to prevent.

One reason is that women can have emotional blocks.  Emotional blocks build up in the sex center, especially in the g spot area, which is water based and therefore the perfect container for storing emotions that have not been dealt with.

A woman who has blocks but still wants to please her partner may fake an orgasm because she’s tired of being touched in a way that is not stimulating to her. On the contrary, sometimes she feels  more discomfort than pleasure.

To help a woman release those blocks and open up her full sexuality it takes knowledge that is not available on YouTube or in women’s magazines. Unfortunately those are the places where most women are looking for help – what they find instead are tips and tricks revealing how to have ‘screaming orgasms’.  Regrettably, these trendy media experts are making fashionable but empty promises.

Other women who do not reach orgasms may fake their orgasm because they think there is something wrong with them, and they are covering up from shame or embarassment.  They have heard  girlfriends boasting – probably in an exaggerated way – about how great their orgasms are. Maybe they have been reading magazines and books describing how sexy women are supposed to feel.  They might even have watched porn movies where women seem to have powerful screaming orgasms when the men pound wildly into them.

And men know little how to tell when the woman is really coming or faking it.  I’m sure that there are reasons why the man does not notice she’s faking it.

How can men be sure that she’s actually had an orgasm?  Both men and women need more knowledge about sensuality and sexuality and what causes orgasms that are undoubtedly real, that in fact include the whole body.

There are definite physical signs that tell if the orgasm is real.    With some knowledge there is no reason anyone should not have the greatest sexual satisfaction.  Good sex is important for a complete relationship to bloom and last.  

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