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Having Fun Opens the Eyes and Heart

I was in a store fabric store today.  There were hundreds of people searching for the fabric that would make their home look richer, and help provide them with the atmosphere they were longing for.   So much variety of types of fabric, colors and prints… a real feast for the eyes and an enormous frustration to the part of us that had a specific color and texture in mind and were challenged to find it.  Compromise?  No! In Manhattan, you don’t compromise, you search until you find what you want even if it means going to other stores. 

I was on the verge of leaving to find what I wanted somewhere else, when I became fascinated by a dog that joyously stole an empty water bottle and delighted in biting it and shaking  it with a vengeance, having the greatest fun.

Every face of a frustrated costumer turned around to watch this dog and cheered up with a smile.  Looking at the dog’s delight, they got in touch with their own repressed playful self and for that wonderful moment they forgot any problem.

I was surprised to discover that after that interlude I actually looked at the same shelf anew, and found the right fabric.  It was there all the time and I did not see it!  My inner talk was saying that it was really difficult to find what I wanted, and the negative projection actually contributed to me not finding what I wanted easily and with pleasure.

After the interlude with the dog made me open up my heart with joy, my mind had shifted to a positive attitude and opened up to really see.

I bet you have had similar experiences.  How would it be if we could imagine something funny during our frustrating searches for what we want?

I am willing to give it a try.  How about you?

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