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Gratitude for Mothers and the Advantages for Men Who Help Take Care of the Baby

There are no words that can really convey enough gratitude for a mother.

Without women who choose to be mothers the world would have already ended.

During a woman’s pregnancy, it’s certainly not easy to carry the increasing weight in her belly. I remember how difficult it was to carry my children, especially the last 2 months!

Being a mother involves both intense joy and great sacrifice for a woman. parents_holding_baby_193894Taking care of the needs of her baby is a full-time job. It requires constant vigilance. Thankfully, this is a natural instinct and nature empowers a mother with extra energy. That energy provides nourishment she gives to her baby directly from her heart through her breasts.

Motherhood can bring worry and insecurity. During pregnancy, a woman can feel deep fears that there might be something wrong with her baby, possible birth defects, or a difficult delivery. Her prayers that her baby be healthy may alleviate these fears but they seldom leave the women altogether until she is holding that newborn safe in her arms.

For herself, a mother often may fear that she will not be as attractive to her partner after her pregnancy, because of the stretched skin on her belly or the extra weight she has taken on bearing her child.

In fact, when a mother lactates, the mother gets her happy hormones from giving her milk and hugging and cuddling the baby, and her preoccupation with the needs of the baby take priority to those of her husband. This is natural, and hormone-driven, but it can be a source of tension. A new father who doesn’t understand what’s happening may feel neglected.

When a mother thinks she’s the only one who can effectively take care of her child, she confirms the unconscious fears her man often has. He might feel he’s too clumsy or inadequate to take over some of her duties.

In this case, he often deals with both love for the baby and resentment for his wife’s deeper connection with the baby.

The more informed mother knows to involve her husband in taking care of the baby’s needs. She praises him both for his help and for the wonderful connection he has with the baby.

Fathers can overcome shyness by complimenting the mother on how beautiful she looks with the baby. Let her know that you want to feel that connection too. Once she sees the baby happy with Daddy, she’ll be relieved to know that she can depend on him, and can share the weight of parenthood too.

There are great advantages for the father when he decides to be part of the experience:

• He also absorbs happy hormones when he cuddles the baby.

• The wife will be more inclined to make love because she is more rested and grateful for her man’s involvement in the myriads of tasks that a new baby brings to their lives.

Are you trying to juggle being a responsible, loving parent, and keeping your relationship juicy, exciting and passionate?

I can help.

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