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Give the Gift of Great Sex

I’ve just returned from the World Anti-Aging Conference December 2008 where I was very excited to learn that one of the best ways to live longer while feeling and looking younger has a lot to do with giving and receiving love and having good sex.

Dr. Daniel G. Aman, a brain specialist who wrote an amazing book called Magnificent Mind at Any Age, a must read book, presented astounding facts about the effects that our brain has on how we feel, our outlook in life, our ability to be happy and healthy and to live longer. 

In his presentation to about 2,000 doctors interested in age management and preventive intervention to maintain our body healthy into old age, Dr. Aman mentioned a Cleveland Study based on the beneficial results to men who were feeling loved. 10,000 men who participated in this study were given the question: “Does your wife show you love?” The ones who answered Yes were statistically proven to live significantly longer than those who answered No.

Mentioning different tests, Dr. Aman informed us that men who have frequent sex are 50% less likely to have a heart attack. He said jokingly that women who avoid sex commit slow murder on their husbands… and immediately added that women who do not enjoy sex are 50% more likely to get heart attacks. Therefore men who are not making their women sexually happy are committing slow murder, too…

Apart from these humorous remarks, tests are proving that good sex contributes to a longer, healthier, and happier life. You probably have observed it yourself. When you have sex you feel lighter, you are smiling more and work goes more smoothly. You are in a better mood and that is contagious so everything you do goes more smoothly.

A British study showed that women who had more sex had better memories, their menstrual cycles were lighter, they had fewer colds, had fewer problems with weight control, were looking and feeling younger and had better skin. It makes total sense to me. I have noticed that women who have frequent sex have a lightness about them and a spring in their steps that other women do not have.

Several studies prove that men having good sex at least 3 times a week have greater prostate health, better sleep, get sick less often, are more athletic and have a brighter outlook in life.

I have noticed clearly when clients visit me for counseling or for Tantra. There is a visible difference between people who enjoy sex and others.

Tantric love, being deeper and longer lasting and more satisfying than most “regular” sex, would take care of the “slow murder” predicament. Men and women who do Tantra synchronize their breath to activate their touch with love and dance the dance of love while entering each other’s souls… taking sex to a high level of connection and great satisfaction.

Men learn to follow the women’s pace, which is usually slower, but steadier and enjoy riding their woman’s waves of ecstasy before they concentrate on their own orgasms. Men who understand Tantric sex have stronger erections, sustain them longer, and have greater, longer lasting full body orgasms and stronger ejaculations.

It would be fantastic if all doctors could see the importance of sex for greater health and longevity and start prescribing sex at least 3 times a week. Having good sex is the most pleasant way I know to contribute to your longevity while celebrating this wonderful gift from nature that nourishes both body and soul and attracts male and female energies to merge in pleasure and love.

We know that love is the best medicine, and now science is starting to prove it. Instead of running around buying presents bringing more stress in your life, especially in these financially challenging times, I recommend that you give yourself the gift of making love more often and longer.

Give yourself the gift of Tantra and give each other the gift of Love and Greater Health.

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