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A Simple Exercise To Get The Kind of Sex You Want

couple-in-bedIs the kind of sex you get really satisfying you? Are you getting enough of the sex you desire?
If not, I suggest an exercise that will bring you closer to getting it.

The Tantric art of love suggests that you discuss with your partner what you want, but to approach the subject carefully in order not to overwhelm your lover.

Step 1
List all the things you want sexually:

What time of the day do you prefer?
Men usually wake up with an erection because the testosterone level is highest in the morning.

What positions do you prefer?
You probably know to have her start on top, but you may want to try a different approach.

Where do you want to have sex besides in bed?
Variety is very important to keep sex fresh.

What kind of conversations creates the biggest turn on?
Of course men and women may differ in this, but this is about finding out what you want.

What new techniques do you want to perfect?
Extended Orgasms for example make both men and women happy.

Are you more visual, kinesthetic or auditory?
If you prefer one of these modalities, for example you are very visual, try to expand your kinesthetic and auditory senses. Discover the sense of touch can bring you to very high levels of arousal. You might really get turned on by sounds…or dirty talk?

Do you want to start naked or do you enjoy slowly disrobing your lover?

Do you want to start with some adult entertainment?
Tantra teaches that it does not matter how you turn on your fire. What’s important is that you then turn off the entertainment and direct that fire to your lover.

After you’ve thought about your answers to my questions, make your list and circle the 3 approaches that you prefer most.

Then, think how to best bring this up with your lover. Move slowly and with a lot of love. The most important qualities you need when you approach the subject are Vulnerability and Consideration, the two most important keys of seduction.

A good start may be to suggest to your partner to give you their list. Then you can look together at what turns you both on.

Let me know what works for you! Writing your comments allows me to get to know you so I can give you more of what you want.

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