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The G-Spot In Her Ears

“For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below too soon is wasting his time.” -Isabel Allende

A G-spot in her ears? Does that sound strange? Bizarre? Impossible? You might have never heard of it, but it is not so strange after you take a moment to think how important words are to a woman.

Do you remember how much appreciation you expressed to your lover at the beginning of your relationship?

If you’re a woman, this probably seems natural and obvious to you. This is because a woman’s heart and sexual excitement are directly connected to feeling appreciated and a receiver of love and interest. For you to stay open to receive your man, you need that feeling to be refreshed, or your heart and your sex center begin to close up – like a flower that gets no water.

If you are a man, you might be more inclined to say: “Well, once I’ve said something, she knows it. I don’t have to continue talking about it. It gets boring.” It’s hard for men to understand this, because they prefer to express their love through actual physical lovemaking. If you’re like most men, you would rather learn new physical techniques to get her high and excited, then develop communication skills.

And you might be right, if you can think of only one way to say something. Saying it over and over would lose any meaning and just be another routine – boring for you and her. But if you let your awareness of how much she needs to hear words of appreciation mingle with your willingness and deep desire to express your passion with words, the right words will come: just trust yourself.

Remember – the key to your woman’s turn-on are words of appreciation coming from your heart. She will hear the fakeness if you fake it, but if you are honest everything you say will work.

You can even start with: “You know, honey, that is hard for me to come up with words to say how much I love and appreciate you. And I know that you love to hear it, so I will do my best to find the words even if they can barely express the depth of my love. I’m sure I’ll get better with practice.”

You know, men, all she wants is to be seen by you and feel that she’s important to you. I can also tell you that most women I work with have body issues. So no matter how gorgeous they look to others, they may feel that insecurity inside. So, you need to understand that any time you make love to her, she could be full of thoughts in her mind that you may be thinking of another, perhaps younger or more beautiful woman? At those moments, your words followed by your physical lovemaking will take care of every possible doubt.

Imagine how she will feel hearing your sweet words of appreciation, such as: “Honey, you are the only woman I love so deeply. You are fun, creative, strong and still soft enough to make me want to hug you until I penetrate all the parts of your body with my essence. I feel our heart connection: I can feel our two hearts melt into one.” The woman who receives this is melting and ready to explode into love and pleasure with the man who shares his heart this way.

If she’s older and is worried about her age, you might want to tell her –if you mean it – that you still see her as she was when you met. “I see you young and beaming with energy. Energy is what attracts me to you more than anything. You have that something that drives me crazy for you, still after 20 years of being together!”

Your woman has a direct connection between her G-spot in her ears and her G-spot in her yoni.

A client of mine, Natalie, said that when her husband paid her the best compliment of her life she had a G-spot orgasm. Yes, the G-spot does not even have to be physically stroked when the words stroke it deliciously as her husband’s did:

“Honey, I love you much more than you can even imagine. Your skin is as soft as velvet: all I need to do is touch you that I get turned on. Your smell is so sexy they should bottle your smell it and sell it as aphrodisiac. Your eyes are penetrating my soul and all I want to do is make love to you until you are so high you need a parachute to take you down. Please let me touch your beautiful face and kiss your voluptuous lips…”

That did it!  Natalie told me she was getting wet while hearing this. The strokes that followed took her higher than she thought possible because they started lovemaking already so high with desire and love.

Natalie added, “I am here to learn all the best Tantric techniques so I can to give my man the best of my love and make my lovemaking exquisite for him every time. ”

That’s how Natalie decided to thank her husband for giving her a G- spot orgasm in her ears!

I hope you take this tip and use it tonight!  See how much difference sharing the attention of your heart and your lingam makes in your woman’s excitement. And I hope the women reading this who want more from their partner will share with him the secret to the G-spot in their ears too!

If you would like to learn how to sharpen your own lovemaking skills, and give or experience  the kind of g-spot orgasms that Natalie had, you can make an appointment for some private coaching.

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