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Finding Freedom in Tantra

As we celebrate the July 4th weekend, I want to share with you some thoughts on how important it is to appreciate and increase our independence inside of us as well.

The Founding Fathers of America fought to gain the outside freedoms – to live how they wanted without oppression and to make their own government. These are the basic foundations of the free society we live in today.

But to live a satisfying and fulfilling life, you must be free in your mind and body as well – and this is something no one else can do for us. When we do our Tantra practice, we are creating our own freedom in our sexuality and emotions.

If you come from a history of hurt or shame about your sexuality, the road to sexual independence can seem very hard. Just the negative effects of the attitude toward sexuality in our society can slow us down – using overhyped sex to sell everything on the one hand, and silencing connectedness and real sexual knowledge on the other.

I urge you to continue in your path – exploring your sexuality, moving deeper into connection with your beloved, feeling more and more. Your goal is the freedom to express and enjoy all of your divine sexual self. It is also independence worth fighting for.

Blessings to you,

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